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I rooted my phone Wednesday.  I’m so rusty and it seems like every device and every network has it’s own way of doing it.  I haven’t rooted a phone since my trusty G1 back in the day.  So far I’m liking it minus the apps I lost.  One was free at the time I downloaded but now they want $5 for it.  Nope!  The other just disappeared into the ether and I haven’t found a replacement for it yet.  I do wish the ad free app worked better on the games like it used to.  It works great on Angry Birds but makes Words with Friends unplayable.  Had to install it for the moment.

Before anyone asks rooting means getting root access on your phone which basically allows you developer’s access.  You can change the theme of your phone, overclock or underclock the CPU, use features from newer OS releases, use apps only available for rooted phones, delete carrier installed apps, and more.  For instance Sprint charges like $30, I think, for their Hotspot access, which allows you to give wireless Internet access to up to 5 devices through your phone.  Rooted Sprint users can download something similar that allows you to do it for free.

I’m seriously considering getting an extended battery.  Battery life on my phone is straight garbage!  The cons are the added bulk and not being able to use my phone case.

My new game addiction is Alchemy Genetics!  Basically you start off with four animals and by combining two animals at a time you unlock more animals (well creatures or things because they’re not all actually animals).  Currently there are 400 animals and I have about 320 of them.  It’s quite challenging and fun!  There’s another game simply called Alchemy which is older but has the same principle.  You start off with four elements and from them you can create more elements, people, places, and things.  Give them a try, especially if you consider yourself clever or good in chemistry.

I think I want to try shaving with a straight razor.  I’m a bit nervous though.

I really need to give out my phone number more.  Not saying I necessarily want to talk to them but they can text me first.  I figure if their texts bore me to tears then I save myself from being trapped on the phone struggling to start and maintain an interesting conversation and if they don’t bore me it’s always nice to have someone to cake with when I’m feeling like an Almond Joy.

I’ve been extremely disappointed and unimpressed with my flirting opportunities as of late.

Charlie Sheen gets a million plus followers on Twitter in one day and I get random bots or people who never speak or rarely speak to me.  *sigh* Speaking of Charlie, I don’t know if the drugs are causing his mental illness or if it was a previous condition but their is definitely something off kilter going on in his noggin.  With that said I honestly wouldn’t be surprised and I kind of expect somebody to create a drug called Charlie Sheen.  Mind you I’ve never even smoked a joint but I’d try some Charlie Sheen.  His interviews are quiet fascinated and a little frightening.

I kind of want to know why is Mr. Sheen buying pussy?  If I had a hit show and made two million dollars per episode pussy would be the last thing I bought.  Groupies let you hit for free and I don’t think there is a man on the planet who makes that kind of money and doesn’t have some groupies, chickenheads, or rats sniffing around and ready to spread thighs for him.  While we’re at it how come one of your goddesses has dry ass hair?

I think I should have groupies, chickenheads, and rats of my own.

Lady Gaga must be mad as hell because she dropped a new CD and everybody is talking about Charlie Sheen instead.  *snickers*

Why won’t that NeNe bitch from Real Housewives go the fuck away?

I think I’m totally going to binge on snacks.  I went to the grocery store and got Ding Dongs, Twinkies, and cupcakes (chocolate & strawberry).  Damn you Hostess!

Part of me wants one of those newfangled tablets (iPad, Xoom, etc.) but I just can’t see myself paying that kind of money for a device that doesn’t really do anything better than a device already on the market.  Not to mention that I think they’re grossly overpriced.

I think I may do the happy dance once Oprah’s final show airs.  I’m so serious.

When is Tyra’s last show?  I can’t stand her either.

ABC is doing a new Incredible Hulk series.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  If they don’t have the skill or budget to film some Hulk destruction and fights against Hulk level villains then they need to leave it alone.  Heroes had a nice comic book fanboy pedigree and they couldn’t do a decent fight scene to save their lives.

NBC is doing a new Wonder Woman series next season.  I hope the chick playing her has some hips, thighs, and ass and wears the traditional costume.  With that said I have my special lotion/Vaseline blend ready to go!

Speaking of playing with my super soaker when does gymnastics, track & field, and volleyball season begin?   Someone really needs to do a competitive pole dancing show.  It definitely gets my vote for being an Olympic event.

I’m pretty sure some knuckle babies will die during Wendy Williams’ performance on Dancing with the Stars.  I want to stab the fuck out of her bootymeat!

Saw a nice face sitting video a few days ago.  That really did something for me.  I definitely need to do a serious upgrade of my porn collection.

I may or may not be kind of horny. Wanna fuck?  C’mon, just let me stick the tip in?  I won’t tell.  Can I get my dick sucked?  How about a foot job?  Thigh fucking?  Give me something!  What?!  I’m not horny it’s that tiger blood flowing through my nether regions.  Yeah, that’s it.  You think it’s just horniness because your brains can’t comprehend the plane of existence where my mind resides.

I want a Bulldog, a Shar-Pei, or another Pit Bull.  I still think I’ll keep my streak of only owning female dogs or bitches as I like to call them but sometimes I think about getting a male dog.

When I was much younger I used to go days without speaking, unless I really needed something.  I’m thinking about having a day of silence sometime soon.  I’m thinking sometime within a few days of spring.  I’d actually do spring but it’s on a Sunday and I kind of want my day of silence on a weekday.  If it goes well I might have a day of silence every season.  We’ll see.

Why is the weather acting screwy?  Saturday we had a high of about 53° however Saturday night we got about 4.5 inches of snow and Sunday we got rain which effectively melted the snow from Saturday.  What’s up with that?  Give me another week or so of snow and then I’m straight for another eight or nine months or until that first heatwave.

Why is Aretha still lying about that gastric bypass surgery?  She doesn’t have to talk about it if she doesn’t want to but lying about it makes you look shady as hell especially when it comes out that you lied.

March Madness is coming!!!  Are you ready?