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R.I.P. Nate Dogg.

I’ve been thinking about and wanting to join a gym for some time now.  Seems like new chains (well new to the area) have been popping up left and right but they look kind of rinky dink to me.  It seems like they just fill up whatever space they have rows of treadmills, bikes, and free weights.  Maybe it’s the priss in my but I want more, like a pool, sauna, etc.  Hope I figure something out soon.

I’m tempted to get a tattoo on each shoulder.  I’m thinking of a using a baby picture for the basis of them and basically the tattoos would be of two aspects of my personality.

Some people would be looking at me strangely if they knew I was jamming to some country music at this very moment.  Fuck’em!  My plan was just to download one song so I can change my girl’s ringtone on my phone.  Heard another song from the album and decided to just download the whole album.  Sometimes I feel bad that her ringtone is the only one I ever really change.  Well, the only one I change without deleting someone from my phone book.  Again, I really need to give out my number more.  Maybe I should get some chicks to plaster it on the wall of the nearest ladies’ restroom.  What?!

Why did my mother get a bill for 12 cents?  Can’t pay it online so they actually expect her to slap a stamp on it and mail a check for it.  I’d send those fools 12 checks for a penny and make sure that shit was postage due each time with a nice little message about hoping their children choke on that 12 cents while you eat my ass.  That’s just me though.

I saw the summary of charges for my mom’s hospital bill.  *whistles*  It’s a lot more than 12 cents.  I’ll tell you that.  Glad she has insurance.

My mom’s birthday was last week.  I gave her money and my sister took her to an Esperanza Spalding concert.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s wrong that Morehead State University’s mascot aren’t swallows?

I set up my March Madness brackets.  I’m predicting Ohio State to take it all but I wouldn’t be mad if Pitt won since they’re the other team in my final.  Fuck Duke and Kansas!

“Friday” by Rebecca Black is the worst video I’ve seen in awhile and that includes any AR Gal or Ladynay YouTube videos featuring people of questionable sanity and sobriety.  If I had kids I’d rather walk in on them watching 2 Girls 1 Cup then that video.

Had a power outage today.  I find it really funny that every time there’s a power outage or something goes wrong everybody in the building just sits on their thumbs and twiddles.  Seriously.  I think if someone was getting robbed in the hallway these fools wouldn’t even call police and assume that someone else heard the commotion and did.  Simple ass fucktards!  I can’t wait to get the fuck up out here!  Speaking of, I asked my mom if there were any places she was considering moving.  The first thing out of her mouth was the Bahamas.  I asked her if there were any places in the continental U.S. and she named a few.  So if everything goes according to plan sometime in 2012 I will be a Southerner.  Well that’s assuming I’m not in the Bahamas enjoying some Bahamian booty beauty.

We seem to lose power a couple times a year.  I don’t know what the issue is but they need to fix that shit.  If something happens to my laptop, TV, or PS3 because of black outs, brown outs, or power surges someone is immediately coming out of pocket or I’ll be sitting in somebody’s jail mad as hell.

I love my self setting clock.  Best $20 I ever spent!

I had an interesting conversation with Val last night that I probably should’ve pursued further.  I told her about needing to give out my number more and about the whole bathroom wall thing.  She said it was fine as long as I didn’t do it in Parts Unknown.  I think having some friends there wouldn’t be a bad thing and I’ve thought about trying to make some of my own there.  I’d have someone to hang out or chat with when Val is busy and I’m by myself.  Another reason I think this might be good is because Parts Unknown is actually one of the places I’m considering moving to next year and if that’s the case I don’t want to be all clingy and dependent on her for my entertainment.  That and we both are kind of territorial about our friends so having some of my own is probably a good idea.   Nothing is written in stone and one thing I have to consider is how much do I like Parts Unknown in and of itself taking Val out of the equation.  Anyway, I found it kind of odd because she seemed really serious about me not seeking out friends there.  *shrugs*

I wish I was getting shit faced wasted tomorrow.

Who the hell are these people viewing from Blackberry devices?  I ask because they never ever ever comment.

Every night this week someone’s car alarm has gone off late at night and was never turned off until the alarm cycled off.  I hate lazy, hard sleeping motherfuckers with car alarms.  If I had a tow truck I’d snatch your shit and dump it somewhere just for you being an inconsiderate ass.  Be thankful I don’t have one.  Be very thankful.

Now that spring is around the corner I’m hoping that somewhere near me will finally start getting some blood oranges.  They need to be tongue raped almost as much as I want to tongue rape them.

Gilbert Gottfried got fired from his role as the voice of the AFLAC duck because of Japanese tsunami jokes he made on Twitter.  Maybe we should start calling him Gilbert Gottfired.  Wonder if he’ll go on tour with Charlie Sheen?

Anyone see the video of the big kid that was getting bullied by the smaller kid and finally snapped on his ass?  That little fucker got exactly what he deserved.  I’d post the video but YouTube has been actively deleting it whenever it pops up.  But you can check it out here, Zangief (http://www NULL.urlesque NULL.com/2011/03/16/zangief-kid-casey-heynes-bully-anonymous/). First off you don’t bully a kid twice as big as you and called Zangief.   Guess Street Fighter was before this little fucker’s time, huh?  Zangief picked that kid up and did some WWE type move on him.  Kid couldn’t even walk straight afterwards.  Now the kid that defended himself got suspended and the bully’s parents are thinking about suing the school district.  In most case I blame bullying on lazy parenting and adults.

After Sex Personalities…….Which one are you?

**The Sleeper – These are the people who fall right asleep after sex. The difference between you putting your lover to sleep and “The Sleeper” is that a sleeper will not move, there is no removing the condom, no getting up to wash up, nothing. Just rolling over and falling right to sleep.

**The Germaphobe – This is the person who washes, change the sheets and puts on new clothes right after sex. There is no down time to recovery time, or anything else. They go from sex to cleaning, good thing is neither one of you would have to lay in the wet spot.

**The Smoker – The smoker must light up a cigarette or finish off the roach after sex. Smoking after sex can be a great, way to connect with your lover. If you’re sleeping with a smoker, nothing turns them on then saying “Let me light that” right before they smoke their after sex cigarette.

**The Talker – This person wants to hold long drawn out discussions after sex, they might stay on topic and talk about what just went down, or they might go totally left field and start talking about the person at work they can’t stand.

**The Don’t Toucher – This is the person who simply doesn’t want to be touched after sex. This person can be male or female and after sex, they want you to leave or just simply not to touch them. There will be no touching, no cuddling or anything that involves skin on skin.

**The Go Homer – Not to be confused with The Don’t Toucher, this is the person who wants to go home immediately after sex. Some think they are just in it for the sex, others think they just want to go home. Either way they won’t be at your house for long.

**The Cuddler – This is the person who wants to cuddle up and lay on their lover. They simply want to enjoy the moment. There are also different type of cuddlers there’s the spooner, the lay on the chester, and the stay insider.

**The Shit Talker – This is the person who likes to crack jokes about the events that just took place. They say thinks like “Ha! you were screaming louder than the chick in Saw V!” or “Is your head okay? I didn’t mean to make you crack it against the headboard”

**The Analyzer – This is the person who suddenly wants to start analyzing the relationship. They say things like “What am I to you”, “What was this” or even worst “Do you love me?” 45 minutes of bumping uglies does not mean anything has changed. It is what it was when we started, questioning might change things.

I’m definitely the Germaphobe, first and foremost.  After I’ve come down from my nut I don’t want to smell, taste, or feel any of the post sex ickyness and stickyness.  I’ve hurt chicks’ feelings with how quickly I got up and cleaned up.  I tell them it’s not personal but more than five minutes of laying in that and my skin starts crawling.  I don’t do the wet spot at all.  If it’s good I’m a Sleeper but just as often I’m a Don’t Toucher as well.  In fact, now that I think about it the Sleeper and the Don’t Toucher goes together.  I can be a Shit Talker and since I’m kind of used to and prefer sleeping alone I’m the Go Homer or when I’m at home I’d call myself the Get Outer (as in you should get out because I want to sleep alone.)