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R.I.P. Elizabeth Taylor.

So Chris Brown gets pissed because Robin Roberts won’t let his Rihanna beating past go even though she asked him before the interview if she could talk about it and he approved.  After the interview he has a Chris-sy fit and trashes his green room and breaks a window.  The funny part is Mr. Brown rips off his shirt and storms out of the studio.  So ripping off the shirt is allegedly an attempt to intimidate others.  Then he gets on a Twitter and bitches to his thirsty ass, dust bucket fans about his treatment.

I’m just wondering who’s intimidated by those stupid tats, blond hair, and bird chest?  You look like you were going for a thugged out Albino look.  Am I right?  I should sic Ladynay’s daughter on you.  *snickers*  Oh, that never gets old for me.

F.A.M.E. Forgiving All My Enemies?  So does that mean you forgive Robin Roberts and that window you abused?  I’ll tell you one thing though.  Whoever told you blond hair was a good look for you and that tight pants on a dude is hot should never know forgiveness…ever!

Speaking of birds, I downloaded Angry Birds Rio last night.  See how I segued into that?  I played that game until I couldn’t see straight and then took my ass to bed.  Woke up feeling crappier than a baby’s diaper.  It might be the easiest of the series (with the exception of the level I’m currently on) and while I miss the mean, egg stealing piggies I still enjoy the game.  It’s my Android app of the week.

I’m kind of disappointed that AT&T has decided to buy T-Mobile.  I was hoping Sprint bought T-Mobile.  Even though they are on two different cellular bands it would’ve been perfect for me since pretty much 95% of the people I know are either riding with Sprint or T-Mobile.  I haven’t heard too many T-Mobile people happy about the merger.  In fact I haven’t heard any.  They’re really going to be pissed if they still have a T-Mobile 3G phone and have to come out of pocket to buy a new phone post merger since T-Mobile will be phasing out that particular bandwidth.

The next Mega Million drawing will be worth at least $304 million.  I think I’ll be playing it.  The only time I seem to play is when it’s about $200 million or more.  Before anyone gets to asking, if we don’t have the same last name or my dick hasn’t been made wet inside of you on the regular then I can’t help you.  Well, I could but it’s not going to happen.

My sleeping hasn’t been so hot lately.  I always get sleepy towards the late evening and take a nap, partially out of boredom and partially because of the crappy sleep from the night before.  You know that’s when everybody and their mama wants to call me and talk about nothing.  Typical.  *sigh* Then when it’s time to turn in for the night the sleep doesn’t come quickly and when it does come it’s not good at all.  I’m hoping these multi-vitamins help out.

Saw a commercial that reminded me of a conversation I had with Val once.  We disagree about the meaning of binkie.  I say a binkie is a blanket and she says it’s a pacifier.  According to a Google search we’re both right, even though I think I’m righter or more right.  What say you?  Is a binkie a blanket or a pacifier.  Hmm, maybe I should make it a poll, not that anyone ever looks to see if one is up but still…

My girlfriend has nicknamed Wendy Williams my knuckle babies’ mama.  Her dancing wasn’t so hot last night but I still threw a few votes her way.  I also voted for Chris Jericho because he’s one of my favorite wrestlers.  That Chelsea Kane chick was hot too.  It’s something about those Disney girls that make me want to defile and ruin them for all others.  Speaking of how come no one told me “lil” Raven lost that thicky thickness?  You suck!  She can suck too…me…and I wouldn’t even try to stop her from getting some vitamin D.  Nope.  I’ll be watching DWTS until Wendy and Chris are eliminated then it goes back to being a sucky show for me.

Why do so many people have problems saying Kirstie?  Speaking of Kirstie, doesn’t she owe Jenny Craig some or all of that endorsement money back?

Why does the news keep talking about that Rebecca Black video?  Ugh!  It’s just stupid.  That’s an old ass 13 year and I always wondered why a grown ass rapper would rap in some teen or pre-teen’s pop video?  Not to mention that the rap was wack as fuck.  I’m tempted to download it and it make it into a ringtone.  Maybe I can use it for my sister’s ringtone.

Still have to make that Brown Chicken Brown Cow ringtone for my girlfriend.  I just can’t decide what part of the song to use.

Throwback Pepsi is no longer a limited edition pop!  It’s joined the regular lineup!  Woohoo!  Now if they’d bring back Crystal Pepsi, Pepsi Holiday Spice, and Pepsi Blue then I’d be an even happier camper.  I hope Throwback Mountain Dew joins the regular line as well.

Anyone else find it a bit shady how quickly we can fly our asses over to Libya and set up an international coalition to help the “anti-Ghaddafi” side with little preparation but we still haven’t lifted a finger to do shit in Darfur or anywhere else in Africa where genocide is rampant?  I’m thinking it’s because they don’t have any oil but people say I’m a cynic.  What are your thoughts?  Say what you will about Bush but Obama isn’t doing better by them either.  I hope this show of force somehow results in gas prices going down.  I’m not putting $80 plus in the tank to fill up Pussy.  Hopefully, the price will go down when I’m ready to make that long, long drive back to Parts Unknown.  *keeps fingers crossed*

Fuck the Dookie Boo-Boo Devils and my girl for saying she’d cheer for them if we were watching together.  I take great solace in knowing that Ohio State will totally DESTROY them if they meet up.  She’s getting a “Suck it!” call when they lose even though she claims she’s not a fan just said it to be a contrary poppy head.

I’m finished with my perpetual game on Facebook.  I just finished completing every task possible at the moment.  I’ve been playing that game since October of last year.  I’m sure they’re going to add more tasks to complete but you know what?  I’m done.  That game has taken up so much of my attention trying to beat a game that basically can’t be beaten.  Wonder if I should find a new game or  finally deactivate my Facebook page.  Well, after this contest I entered expires, of course.

I’m ready for winter weather to tap out and go away but it seems that Mother Nature has been made aware of my plans to move and wants to throw a going away party for me.  It was almost 60 degrees today and tomorrow into Wednesday we’re under a winter storm advisory.  I kind of don’t mind it too much because it seems when the weather was warmer the past several days we had a nigglet infestation.  As long as it rains or the weather is crappy, the little unplanned pregnancies should be indoors and away from me.

One minute they say we’re getting ice and the next minute they’re claiming snow for today.  I’m guessing ice but it’s just as likely we’ll end up with some freezing rain or just the plain old, non-freezing variety.

I’m really, really excited about moving next year.  I don’t get excited about a lot of things but just the thought of finally getting out here really gives me hope!  I’m getting ready to start my research.  I’m hoping by this summer I can visit my top two choices.  Ideally I’d visit all the places being considered but I don’t think that’s happening.  I can’t imagine having less friends there then I do here so woot, woot!  I feel like LeBron during that “Decision” debacle.  I just need HGTV or the Travel Channel to follow me around and interview me until I reveal my new city.  I just want to make lists, look at pictures, and go over statistics on different places right now.  LOL.  Yeah, I can be a big old nerd at times.  *shrugs*

So the census results are in and Detroit has lost a shitload of people.  According to the stats we’ve lost about 200,000 people since the last census and will probably drop from the 11th most populated city to somewhere between 14 – 16.