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Android app of the week:  Amazon Appstore.  The name is kind of self explanatory.  It’s an Android market ran by Amazon.  Download the app, sign in with your Amazon account, and start browsing.  So what’s the difference between the Appstore and Android Market?  Well there are a few.  For starters the Amazon Appstore offers some exclusives that aren’t offered in the Android Market.  I’ve been playing Angry Birds Rio for almost a week now and it’s only available in the Appstore.  The Appstore also has a deal of the day where they allow you to download what is usually a paid app for free for 24 hours.  Some of the apps offered so far have been Angry Birds Rio, SwiftKey Keyboard, Shazam Encore, Doodle Jump, and Diner Dash 2.  You can pay for apps directly through Amazon instead of Google and based on what you download or browse Amazon will make recommendations of apps you may be interested in.  Just be carefully if you’re a bit heavy handed, have fat fingers, or a particularly sensitive touchscreen because it’s really easy to accidentally purchase an app since buying is pretty much a one click process (just hit the buy app button).

Google has a lot more reviews since they’ve been around longer and have more users.  Though if you’re ever stuck trying to find something to get your purchase up to $25 to take advantage of the free shipping buying an app might be a nice way to get there.  If you’re on AT&T then the Appstore isn’t for you since the Death Star doesn’t allow you to download from 3rd parties yet but they’re working on allowing access to the Appstore.  This app also only works in the United States as far as I know currently but international versions should be available in the not to distant future.  You also have to keep the Amazon Appstore installed on your phone to play games downloaded through it.  Grab your phone, scan the QR Code below with your favorite barcode reader and follow the link to download the Amazon Appstore.  You’re welcome, by the way!

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I plan to start using QR codes more on my blog to whatever random link happens to catch my fancy at the moment so when you see it, then you’ll know what to do.

Took my mom to a double feature Friday.  First, we saw Battle: Los Angeles which was better than I expected.  Afterward, we saw Sucker Punch, which I’m still not sure about.  I mean I liked it but it seems the more days the pass and the more I think about it my opinion of how much I liked it fluctuates.  My dislike for PG-13 movies is starting to spread beyond PG-13 horror movies.  If not for the heavy hitters like Thor, Captain America, Transformers 3, and the Green Lantern coming out this summer I think both movies would’ve fit well as big ticket summer movies.

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Battle: Los Angeles is an alien invasion/action/sci-fi movie.  A marine staff sergeant has just put in his retirement paperwork when he’s called back into service to assist a rookie lieutenant and his squad.  meteors have begun crashing all over the planet near coastal areas.  It’s soon discovered that these meteors are really a cover for an alien invasion.  Staff Sergeant Nantz, Lt. Martinez, and crew are dispatched to rescue civilians in an area that will be bombed out of existence in a few short hours.

The Good:  The action.  The special effects.  Lots of shit getting blown up!  The aliens, their technology, and weapons.  The alien autopsy.

The Bad:  Not a lot of time spent on backstory or getting to know the majority of the grunts that I assume we’re supposed to care about.  Some of the casting.  Is Michelle Rodriguez the only ethnic, tough woman actor working in action movies?  Neyo wasn’t bad but there’s no way in hell I could ever buy him as a marine, especially in those nerdy ass glasses he wore.  They were some of the nicest, well spoken, lightly cussing marines I’ve ever seen or seen depicted.   No story on the aliens at all.  They seemed to operate with little rhyme or reason.  For a sci-fi war movie there wasn’t too much graphic violence.

The Miscellaneous:  Think War of the Worlds with a lot more action and you have a fair description of Battle: Los Angeles.  Requires no deep thinking and is a pretty good popcorn movie if you want to get away for about two hours.  My letter grade for Battle: Los Angeles is a B+.

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Sucker Punch is an action/fantasy movie.  Babydoll accidentally kills her younger sister while trying to protect her from being raped by her stepfather.  She’s sent to a mental asylum by her stepfather who wants her out of the way so that he can help himself to her inheritance unimpeded.  Babydoll retreats into a fantasy world in her mind where along with four other inmates, she plots to retrieve five items she needs to escape from the mental asylum before her scheduled lobotomy in five days.

The good:  The five female leads, especially Babydoll, Sweet Pea, and Amber.  The CGI and special effects.  The ending, in some ways it was predictable and in others it was quite unexpected.  Zach Snyder the director of 300 and Watchmen also directed this film.  It’s beautifully shot.

The bad:  The movie confused me at times trying to figure out what was real and what wasn’t at the time.  I’m not entirely sure if that was by designed or because of how the script was edited.  The watered down violence.  I think this movie would’ve been a lot better if the violence or at least the threat of violence had been ramped up a bit but it seems to have suffered the Wolverine effect.  I call it the Wolverine effect when a movie, scene, character, or something by it’s very nature calls out to be violent but instead is pretty much neutered in hopes of getting a lower rating.  Much like Wolverine has foot long claws and rarely stabs, cuts, or seriously injures anything other than robots and inanimate objects because to do so would be too violent and warrant a harsher rating.

The miscellaneous:  I’m beginning to think that my hatred for PG-13 movies has finally spread from the confines of horror and is slowly edging it’s way to action as well.  I liked the movie but I have a feeling that what was left behind on the cutting room floor and the script might have made the movie better and more memorable.  Everything isn’t for everybody!  I wish Hollywood would quit trying to make a fast buck and remember that not every movie has to be teenager friendly to be successful.  Make a good movie and people will watch and more importantly tell their friends to watch as well.  If you’re a fan of Zach Snyder, like the action/fantasy genre and enjoyed the movie Inception, or want to see five hot chicks wearing little clothes kick all kinds of ass then Sucker Punch is probably for you.  My letter grade for Sucker Punch is a B.