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For the past few days me and my back have been beefing with each other like a.) Charlie Sheen and sobriety, b.) Charlie Sheen and mental health, c.) John Cena & the Rock.  At least I can bend and squat without wincing and choking back girl screams.  I’d say my back is about 65-70%.  Hopefully, I can be at 90 within the next couple of days.  If not I may have to tap out and find a doctor.  *sigh*

Oh yeah, Fuck Charlie Sheen!  The next person I hear talking about winning can drink a mouthful of piping hot piss straight from dick!

Angry Birds Rio (ad free version) is the Amazon Appstore free download of the day again.  If you have an Android phone and you don’t have this game you’re missing out.  Any Angry Birds game without the ads is like a totally different and much better game, trust me.

Is it just me or are April Fool’s pranks predictable and no longer funny?  Anything out of the normal or shocking, I just assume is a lie and ignore it.

I like how Facebook shows you pictures of your “friends” with the caption “[insert friend’s name] will miss you.”   If that ain’t a load of bullshit!  I will give one person props.  She noticed I was gone within half a day but everybody else…fuck’em!  They just reaffirmed why I was deactivating my page because motherfuckers on social networks just ain’t social.  Nosy, maybe but social?  Nope!  Someone needs a directory for sluts and hoes on Facebook because those are the type of friends I want to interact with.  What?!  Don’t judge me!  They’re interesting.  Really.

I told Val part of the reason I left is because my Facebook friends are boring.  She said it wasn’t their fault I’m bored.  True enough, they’re not to blame for my initial state of boredom but they are responsible for being boring and unable to entertain me.  LOL.  I told her when watching paint dry becomes boring, I log on to Facebook.  She said I was picky and demanding.  I am not that demanding!

I got about four e-mails over the past few days from companies talking about their marketing/e-mail provider had been hacked.  Supposedly the only thing they got were e-mail addresses and potentially names.  That’s just fucking sloppy!

Looks like my mom is going to need more surgery in the future.  Though this one probably won’t have me as worried as the last one but still…  Do what you need to do now because come 2012 we are out of Michigan.

I told her I was willing to move to just about anywhere in the south or along the east coast as long as it’s not Alabama, Mississippi, or Arkansas.  Alabama and Mississippi scare me and Arkansas, according to everyone I’ve asked who has either lived their or visited is just plain boring.

A camera with smile detection will never be able to take my picture.

I haven’t seen the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list at my local post office in years.  What’s up with that?

I saw four ambulances today in a span of minutes.  I took that as sign to finish doing what I was doing and take my ass home.

I almost forgot I had a doctor’s appointment this week.  I thought I put it in my calendar on my phone but guess I didn’t.  *shrugs*

Hopefully, I’ll be chilling in Parts Unknown watching Thor with Val next month.  Well, depending on how much gas is by then.  If it’s $4 a gallon I’m staying my ass at home.

I hope Wendy Williams wears something cute tonight.  I haven’t been feeling her outfits.  She emphasizes her titties but I’d rather see some ass.  Well, there’s always Chelsea.

I’ve had a few people comment to me about the weather today.  It’s gray and rainy but the temp is in the low 60s so even I’m happy about it.  You know I love snow and I’m part polar bear but even I’m ready for something warmer, consistently.  Of course, they’re saying tomorrow will be about 20 degrees cooler and we may get flurries.  *sigh*  Make.up.your.fucking.mind.already!  Damn!  Michigan has mental patient weather.

I tried to do my mom’s taxes last night.  *shakes my head*  Her computer has so much unnecessary junk on it I spend 15 minutes waiting for everything to load and another 30 deleting or stopping things just to make her laptop halfway usable.  I really need to get into, give it a good cleaning, and declutter the hell out of it.  The tax software wouldn’t install properly and after the 3rd time I handed my mom her laptop back and told her I didn’t have the patience to work with her computer and to let me know when she got it installed.  Some time later she finally has it installed and gives me back the laptop.  Why did this woman only give me her W2?  She had some deductions but of course, no information for anything.  *deep breath*  See that’s what I’ve always hated about doing taxes.  You want all this money back and to ask me a gazillion and one questions but you don’t have all the information I need to finish the return.  Why am I doing her taxes anyway?  She was a tax preparer too not that long ago.  Annoyed, I saved the return, handed her back her laptop, and quit.