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My back hasn’t been a very good friend to me lately.  I think I may have pulled or sprain something which caused instability in a bunch of other places.  My pain threshold is generally pretty good but there has been a few times where I wanted to snot up and tap out.  The pain got so bad I almost went to the ER and I absolutely hate hospitals.  I figured I could tough it out a little longer if I got a doctor’s appointment soon.  Fortunately, I have one tomorrow.  Woohoo!  Hopefully, it’s just a sprain or something and nothing more serious.   I hope I get a prescription for some strong painkillers though because the over the counter shit ain’t doing it.  I’m also hoping that I’m cool to drive to Parts Unknown next month.

Note to self:  Do not look up symptoms and possible diagnoses online.  You will get paranoid and worry the shit out of yourself.  I was seriously scaring myself looking at things and reading about the worst case scenarios and treatments.  Yeah, not a good idea.  I really hope I’m wrong.  I was seriously thinking of writing a will and giving my mom instructions on what to do if anything bad happened.  I should probably do that anyway sometime soon because I don’t like leaving things to chance.  Just have to figure out how to do all that stuff legally and how much it will cost.  I think my mom would follow through on the will but I’m not sure she’d go through with some of the other stuff like the fact that I don’t want to be revived under any circumstances.  That and I don’t want her to waste her money on getting me buried.  Cremate me, burn all of my pictures, and scatter my ashes in several nice places.  When I die, I no longer exist physically, spiritually, or metaphorically.

I thought about telling people how much I love them and how important they are to me but decided not to.  I didn’t want to do all that typing and I figured if they don’t know how I feel by now then they’re not meant to know.  Really what is there to say?  If my actions don’t show the depths of my love then nothing I say could ever approximate and reinforce it.

So how was your weekend?