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I saw my first $4 gallon of gas today.  I’m not even going to lie, that shit hurt my feelings.  I wonder how high will prices go before Obama dip into the U.S. oil reserves and Michigan lowers its gas tax.

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Click on the pic to better see the abomination of a gas price.  One of my favorite sayings is, “Ass, cash, or gas…nobody rides for free.”  I ♥ me some ass but the value of it has fallen when compared to the cost of gas.  Don’t get me wrong I won’t turn down the ass but I’m still going to need you to contribute to my tank or my wallet no matter how fat, jiggly, and soft it is.

I started a Tumblr recently.  Not entirely sure of what I’m going to do with it yet but I’m kind of seeing some possibilities.  Could be interesting one day.

Twitter is frustrating me so I think I’m going to take a break from it for a while.  I’m still probably going to read the tweets especially from some of the entertainment, news, and tech sites I follow but I don’t think I’ll be tweeting.  It’s too hard to find the type of people I find interesting and without the flirting, well, that makes Twitter at least 50% less appealing and interesting to me.

I’ve been Facebook free for over a month.  I do miss the sweepstakes and some of the games but that’s about it.

Warren G is doing male enhancement supplement commercials.  Times must be hard.  See what I did there?  Oh you know that was nice.

I kind of like The Voice so far.

Repo Games is quite possibly the dumbest “game” show I’ve seen.  The whole premise is kind of insulting.  Your vehicle is about to be repossessed and the repo people offer you a chance to win your vehicle free and clear if you get three out of five trivia questions correct.  What happens if you lose?  Your shit gets towed.

So they’re remaking the movie Juice and the Bishop role, originally played by Tupac, will be played by…Soulja Boy.  What’s next Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane remaking Boys in the Hood?  Get the fuck out of here!  No seriously.  If any of my readers waste money on seeing that movie I will disown you.  Just heard that Waka will be cast in the Juice remake.  Can someone hand me a big cup of bleach please?  Thanks.

It’s in the 60s and breezy as hell today.  Great open window weather.  The only thing I’m not really feeling is the blinds flapping around like a fish out of water.

I asked my mom if she played Angry Birds.  She said that’s all her co-workers talk about at work all day.  I don’t know why she’s playing brand new about finding it in the Android Market but I’ll be nice and download it for her later.  Wish Amazon had one of the ad free versions for free today but she’ll get to play it and see if she likes it enough to pay for an ad free version.  Hopefully, we’ll upgrade her phone soon.  She just needs to decide if she wants to jump to Sprint or stay with T-Mobile soon to be AT&T.  Now if the Wish Fairy would just listen to my pleas and upgrade my girl’s phone.

I’d like to see President Obama walk up to Trump with his birth certificate and pie face that asshole with it.  I’ve seen him annoyed but I’m wondering what the fuck does someone have to do to get him angry?

Anyone else think Donald Trump needs to sit down and shut the fuck up?  Better yet how about piss or get off the pot?  I don’t think he’ll ultimately run for President this time just as the other times.  He’ll make up some lame excuse and bow out.  I think since Obama showed his birth certificate Trump should show his scalp and his real hairline.  It’s only fair.  How is he going to talk about anyone hiding anything when this asshat has been wearing a man wig for how many years?

Kind of glad I didn’t enter a credit or debit card for my PSN account.

I don’t give a fuck about William and Kate or their wedding.  No wife of mine will get out of promising to OBEY in our vows.  No matter how the media tries to play it up they’re no Charles and Diana.  Really if we’re being honest did anyone even care about Prince Charles?  Anyway, I don’t plan on getting up early to watch it.  Then again methinks I’ll be subjected to it all day Friday.

I’m excited about the NFL draft tonight.

I could really go for a pedicure.

Seems like all of the places I’ve been considering a move to next year has been hit with some freaky, intense weather lately.  If I didn’t know better I’d think they didn’t want me to come.

Doesn’t look like I’ll be seeing Val soon.  🙁  I need a local side chick/back up girlfriend.  What?! *loud sigh* Today is turning out kind of sucky.