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R.I.P. Dr. Jack Kevorkian.  I am very much a believer in a person’s right to die.

I really want to get out of town and go somewhere but I’m wondering if that’s going to happen.  At this point and time it seems like it would be an inconvenience pretty much any time between now and mid-December.  If I don’t get a change of scenery soon I will lose what little mind I have left.  Not really, I’ll probably just shut down and try to find a way to run away mentally.  *shrugs*  If I don’t buy a plane ticket soon maybe I’ll just buy myself something nice instead.

I really wish I had an e-reader.  I’ve been stalking Amazon for books for a minute now and last time I checked there were about 10 books I want.  The messed up thing is that I’m usually a one and done type person when it comes to books.  With that said I really don’t have anyplace to store much more books and I don’t want to donate or give them away.  An e-reader could solve that assuming it doesn’t feel like reading on a computer.  I don’t really like doing heavy reading on computers, I’d rather have a hard copy to peruse.

Why is there a segment on HSN about the Nook Color as I’m typing this?  Damn you!  I kept my composure and didn’t order it…for now.

I keep having dreams or daydreaming about random chicks that I don’t know.  Sometimes we fuck and sometimes we just hang out because we enjoy each other’s company.  I’m not sure if I’m more horny or lonely at times.  My kingdom for a rebound relationship or several one night stands!

I’m really in the mood for a hot fudge sundae!  I didn’t trip someone’s granny but I had a hot fudge coffee sundae over the weekend and damn it was good!  In the back of my mind I’ve been wanting one forever!  I swear it tasted like the hot fudge and the coffee ice cream were having kinky sex on my tongue all the while.  Seriously, it was delightful!  I was kind of sad when I ran out of ice cream.  I seriously considering drinking the hot fudge from the bottle.  Yeah, it was that serious and that delicious!  I bought some coffee ice cream and some cookies & cream ice cream yesterday so sundaes will be on deck.  Before you even ask, nope, I’m not sharing!  I’ll shoot you like a runaway slave if you try to snatch and run too!

I’m glad the 90°+ days appear to be gone for the time being.

I haven’t one in movie screening passes in ages.  Lately the only passes I’ve been offered are for movies I haven’t heard anything about or movies I don’t want to see.  Wouldn’t mind getting some for Green Lantern, Captain America, and/or Transformers 3.

A new movie theater opened near me this week.  I think I may go check it out sometime next week.  It’s one of those upscale chains that offer food, alcohol, and comfy, reclining chairs.

I wish I had a pizza oven.

I plan on drinking iced tea everyday this month since June is National Iced Tea month.

Why did my mom ramble on about something and finished with, “Yeah, I know too much info, right?”  Could you not tell by the look of horror on my face or could you hear me screaming “eww” over and over again in my head?!  Tell that to your girlfriends or my sister.  Now I feel like bleaching my brain and taking a rape shower.  Thanks mommy!

Accept LeBron as your champion and you too can know his love.

Some of my Facebook friends have some really attractive friends and family members.  Seriously, if given the chance I’d hit!  Would it be tacky to send them a friend request?  What?!

Rihanna has a perfume out so people can smell like her. I’d rather rub the crotch of her panties in my face to get her scent.  Yeah, I think I like my way better.  *inhales deeply*  Mmm, pussy!  Here kitty, kitty, kitty!  Let me suck on your panties!

I finally got around to seeing Inception.  It was pretty good.  I don’t really understand all the people who warned me that the movie was complicated.  Methinks you need to watch less bubblegum movies or perhaps you over thought it.  All movies don’t have to end with a neat little bow and a pat on the head.

What the fuck is going on with gas prices?  Who would’ve thought that people would think of $3.60 gas being a GREAT price?  At this rate I think we might actually get that $5 a gallon gas the experts have been warning us about for years.

If my last name was Weiner I hope that my parents would have had the wisdom and foresight to make my first name, Big Dick or Fat Dick.

So the PSN Store is supposed to be up and running this week.  Maybe I’ll be able to download those two free games they’re giving away as a welcome back sorry all of our accounts got hacked present. It’s taking forever and a day to download and install those free games. I’m not really seeing the point of the 100 free items for your Playstation Home but I snatched that stuff up too. LOL.

All things are possible with LeBron.

Who thought it was a good idea to have Twitter e-mail you whenever you get an @reply? I only have a handful of followers and that shit got annoying real fast. I can only imagine people with 100s, 1000s, or more followers would want to kill themselves. Yeah, I know you can uncheck those notifications and believe me I did it quickly.