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Got my latest winnings in the mail last week.  I swear between FedEx and USPS it seemed like the buzzer was ringing all damn day.  As you can see it’s a prize pack from the movie Horrible Bosses.  There’s a shot glass, a cap, a beach ball (that I’ve actually played with but it was a straight bitch blowing up) and a t-shirt.  I’ve won a couple of prize packs from the people doing the giveaway and while I like the shirt there’s nothing I can do with it since it’s a large.  *sigh*  Who the fuck wears a large?!  Even people I know that wear a large wear larger shirts.  Might as well made it an extra smedium while you’re at it.  I’ve won several prizes that included large t-shirts.  Can we up the size one of these days?  Thanks!

Speaking of giveaways, I think that’s what I’m going to do for my 1,000th post.  I’ve been wanting to do one for a minute but honestly those cheap attacks like to lock me in a dark room, slap me around, and say, “Nope, Freaky you can’t do it!”  I have no idea what I’ll give away but before my blog wife even thinks about uttering the words I can promise you it won’t be a Nook Color…or even a Kindle for that matter.  If I had a hundred or so regulars maybe but since I don’t think a lot cheaper and you might not be disappointed.  More details in the future.

I might be going to a wedding in Vegas this fall.  Nope, it’s not mine!  That’s next year.  I’m still somewhat seriously considering finding someone to temporarily get hitched to before our supposed end comes next year.  It really depends on finding someone willing and seeing how much an annulment costs.  Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to Vegas so I’m hoping it works out.  Thought about putting it on the list of places to move to but I heard they have scorpions and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to make that drive but who knows.

I might be checking out the Atlanta area sometime next year as another possible spot to move to.

Saturday night the sky turned five different colors in the span of about an hour.  It was green, yellow, orange, red, and finally black.  The green and yellow were both the coolest and the creepiest.  I also had the most random conversation with a guy at a gas station.  First he told me I had pretty lips, soft and supple just like a woman’s…  Okay that part didn’t happen we talked about the sky and mentioned that in the Middle East when they have sandstorms the sky often has a red hue and that the raindrops contain sand.  When you think of it that should be obvious but I never really thought about it until then so I found it kind of interesting and a nice little tidbit to file away.

I also saw a bunch of fireflies around my building that night as well.  If my hands weren’t full I would’ve been half tempted to chase after some.

I’m tired of motherfuckers acting like I don’t have feelings.  Maybe I need to let the asshole come out and play more often.  (Yeah, I know that can be taken more than one way but you know what I mean.)

I can’t take any more rejection at the moment.  I’d rather do without then to leave myself open and allow myself the possibility of getting hurt at the moment.

Saw those Amber Rose nude pics.  She has a cute cooch and while I don’t normally like chicks with short hair she could so get it!  I don’t believe for a minute the story she’s spinning about a former assistant leaking them.  I suppose it could be true but what type of dumbass would you have to be to have a bunch of naked pics on your computer and let someone use it?  If it’s true I really need to find some freaky, dumb friends and ask if I can use their computers.  Think I wouldn’t steal some pics?  Try me!  I bet her former boyfriends are mad as fuck right now.  All the money they missed out on by not exposing those sexting pics and web cam screen grabs to the world before those pics leaked.

Speaking of sexting, is it considered special if you’re not the only one who got the pics?

Casey Anthony is guilty as sin, fuck, O.J. Simpson!  I hope that bitch’s womb rots and slowly and very painfully oozes from her nasty snatch before hardening, growing spikes and crawling up her ass!

I finished reading A Game of Thrones.  Now I’m over halfway through the second book, A Clash of Kings.  I’m thinking of checking out The Hunger Games trilogy after I’m done with the current series I’m reading.  Heard the books are good and I’d like to check it out before the movie comes out.

Speaking of movies, I saw Cars 2 today.  I’m not even going to front, I liked it…a lot better than the original Cars.  My movie count for the year as of today is 14.

Just got a package in the mail from Bath & Body Works.  It came early and I got my stuff for a great price.  Only downside is I ordered the stuff online so some of the stuff I haven’t had a chance to smell and thus may not like.  I’m sure if that turns out to be the case I’ll have a couple of people I can give stuff to.

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I wonder who the hell are these people always trying to add me as a friend on Hotmail?  I never use the messenger and don’t really use the accounts other than for my Zune.  Just once I want it to be a hot chick who isn’t a spammer.

So Facebook is integrating Skype video chatting into their chat.  If you haven’t already I think we can officially start calling Facebook, Cakebook.  I look forward to friending chicks who will show me their unencumbered girly bits on Facebook chat soon.  Oh yeah!  It’s kind of funny since I’d forget I even had Skype if the logo wasn’t staring at me on my desktop.

Android is the name of the phone OS, Droid is a registered brand of Verizon based phones with the Android OS.  Small quibble but still, get it right already!

For my BW:  Never make someone a priority when you’re just an option.  *runs off laughing*