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*****Here there be True Blood Spoilers*****

Episode 3 was slow and kind of boring to be honest.  It seems like so far this season has fallen into a pattern of slow show, OMG WTF!, slow show…  I’m hoping next week’s show is better and that the pace picks up a bit.  So where do we begin?  Sookie has got to be the dumbest telepath in the history of telepaths.  If she just took the time to think before opening her mouth or better yet reading people’s minds before speaking she could save herself and her friends a boatload of trouble.  Sookie almost blabbed about Eric’s amnesia twice before she figured out that maybe she should just shut up about it.  The one time it probably would’ve been okay to tell someone about it she keeps her mouth shut forcing her friends on a path they would’ve stayed off if they knew they weren’t in danger (or at least any immediate danger).  Sookie went to visit Alcide and was shocked to see Debbie Pelt there.  She’s better than me.  If your ex tried to kill me, multiple times at that, and you got back with her I don’t think we could be friends.  You know what?  I’m absolutely sure we couldn’t be friends.

What’s the deal with Sookie standing around while Eric supposedly drained her fairy godmother?  I say supposedly because of that transformation she did before she incinerated.  Unless that’s the true form of the Fae I’m thinking she was one of the dark Faes she escaped from.  Seems like Sookie could’ve used her fairy blast or whatever she uses whenever she’s scared.

I don’t see what purpose Tommy serves still being on the show.  I guess it’s a good thing that he’s only scamming Ms. Fortenberry and not sleeping with her.  *shudders*  He’s going to try to get his hands on her house so that he can get money for the natural gas deposits on her land.  He goes to Sam to tell him about the scam, presumably because he needs Sam to front the money, and gets pissed off because Sam refuses him and threatens to tell Maxine if Tommy doesn’t.  Does Tommy not know that Sam at least tries to be honorable?  I hope they kill him off soon.  Seems like every time Sam thinks he has something good happen to him there are two or three bad things lurking around the corner.   Anyone else think he should’ve done more than hit Andy once?

Still waiting for Jason to turn werepanther.  Crystal is one batshit, coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs, crazy ass bitch when it comes to Jason.  It’s probably the fae blood in Jason but don’t tell anyone that.  She slipped him some Mexican Viagra and pretty much raped him.  I know some people don’t believe a woman can rape a man but if it’s good for the goose than it’s good for the gander.  There were hillbilly hotties lined up outside and looked like they were waiting to be the next to board the rape train.  That whole Ghost Daddy and Ghost Mama story was just…out there.

Jessica admitted to Hoyt that she drank from some random dude and glamored him so that he wouldn’t leave her or be hurt by her betrayal.  What’s up with the creepy doll that Jessica can’t seem to get rid of?  Not only does it look filthy but it looks kind of evil too.  So why the hell would she give it to Arlene’s baby?

I’m looking forward to finding out what exactly is Arlene’s baby?  Is it Remy reincarnated, some other vengeful spirit, a demon, or is it all in Arlene’s head?

Marnie is seriously off.  Her cussing and speech in general makes me giggle because I think people with Southern accents cuss funny.  The whole speech she made to the spirit was just creepy and for lack of a better word, thirsty as fuck.  If she was that frightened of Eric she could’ve just sent something after him instead of inviting something into her. Even when I used to dabble I knew not to ever invite spirits to enter me.

Lafayette goes off to Fangtasia to try to make a deal with Eric in hot pursuit of him are his cousin Tara and his boyfriend Jesus.  I like that Tara is trying to be less of a victim but what the fuck is up with those wooden bullets?  Wouldn’t they splinter, burn, or somehow be severely damaged just by the explosive in the cap needed to fire the bullet?

If the show follows the book, Portia is going to regret sleeping with Bill.

*****End Spoilers*****