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Guess what’s sitting in my living room right now?  If you said a 3D LED TV then you are absolutely right!  Now I just have to figure out how to get the Internet working on the TV and get some 3D Blu-ray movies and I’m good to go.  I’m sooooooo geeked!

One of my geek wishes came true.  I received a Google+ invite.  I think this one might actually live up to it’s hype unlike Google Wave.  Of course, we still have to wait until it goes public to see how it really fares but I have hope for this one.  Maybe I’ll add more than a handful of people…or not.  LOL!

So a few days ago a woman in Texas gave birth to a 16 pound baby boy that they’ve nicknamed Moose.  I’m almost willing to bet that it wasn’t a vaginal birth.  I’m sure the father definitely hoped it wasn’t.  I hope her arms are strong and that those milkbags are full and ready to go.  Formula you say?  Moose don’t want no stinkin’ formula!  Makes me want to sire an army of 16 pound babies or at least enough for a football team.  Though I suspect I shouldn’t tell potential concubines that I want super ultra mega babies.  While I’m at it I probably shouldn’t mention how my babies are likely to have big heads and broad shoulders.  Connect the dots ladies.

It irks me that women find male castration (http://www NULL.ktla NULL.com/news/landing/ktla-wife-cuts-off-penis-garbage-disposal,0,2758761 NULL.story) and violence towards male genitals in general so damn funny.  I suppose they wouldn’t find it humorous if I crack jokes about cauterizing her pussy closed or clipping off her clit.  I’ll be the first to say that some dudes deserve and need to be castrated but every time a woman does it doesn’t mean she’s right or that he deserved it.  Normally, I’m not a proponent of violence on women but in this case…this bitch needs to get the holy dog shit beat out of her and then sexually maimed herself.  Do women wince at the thought of genital torture like men?

Live. Laugh. Love.  Seems to be the credo for every other unoriginal, dim-witted chick on the Internet.  If I never see that stupid little phrase ever again it won’t be long enough.  How about “Suck. Squirt. Swallow.” instead?

I hate that some people on Facebook don’t seem to know boundaries.

I’m really getting tired of websites that post stories as slide shows.  One, they don’t seem to work when using mobile browser and two, I don’t want to do all that damn clicking just to see the story and read the tidbit, and three, it’s just lazy.  Please stop!

I may need to start watching the Tour De France.  Those accidents are hardcore!  Did you see that car clip the rider or the dude that fell into a barbed-wire fence?  That was crazy!

My mom asked me to help her choose her next cell phone.  I’m proud that she’s finally ready to move on from her MyTouch.  She asked me about one phone in particular and it was the phone I had been researching for her on my own.  *pats mommy on the head & gives a forehead kiss*  She chose one of the top phones and for her use probably the top phone for her.  Now all she has to do is get it and let me root it for her.

The JW’s sent a letter addressed to me (and my sister who doesn’t live here) trying to score brownie points by kicking someone else out of heaven.  Anyway, I only glanced over the letter and was told that I needed to read the bible.  I’m so tempted to send them a reply but I’m pretty sure it’s some mass mailing they sent to everyone in the complex and someone would say that’s wrong.  Even so, I prefer my fiction to be a bit more recent and not written by committee to keep me line by threatening the wrath of a supernatural boogeyman if I don’t obey.  Now that I think about it the premise would make for a good horror movie.  *shrugs*

I finished A Clash of Kings and have since moved on to A Storm of Swords, the third book in the Song of Fire and Ice series.  Each book gets longer and I’m not quite a third of the way through yet but I think I’ll be done with it before the weekend is over.  I can say this is the longest book I’ve read for leisurely reading at about 1120+ pages.  I’m scared to look at how many pages are in the next book and the one after (which I haven’t ordered yet).

I recommend both Jack Ketchum’s The Girl Next Door and An American Crime for gut-wrenching movies to test your emotional endurance.  The Girl Next Door actually made me cringe a few times.  The ex thought it was kind of strange because I’m a gore hound and can stomach the most gruesome violent imagery.  Most stuff doesn’t get to me because I know it’s impossible or just plain fake but true life stuff can be more difficult to me if the director doesn’t dumb it down and take me out of it.

My blogroll has been acting all kinds of strange lately.  Me no likey.

Someone should bring back WWE ice cream bars. 

Those were really delicious.  Kroger has some new flavors of pop that I have been sampling.  There’s an apple soda, a kiwi-watermelon soda, and a pineapple passionfruit soda.  So far I’d give the win to kiwi-watermelon as the tastiest followed by pineapple passionfruit and then the apple.  My mom thought the apple was kind of cheap champagne after her first sip.  LOL. 

I still haven’t found the right type of LED light to put in my empty crystal head bottle but I definitely want another bottle of Crystal Head vodka both because of the bottle and because I actually like the taste of it.  Unfortunately, I think a crippling cheap attack will probably prevent me from buying one this month.  Damn, damn, damn! 

I want a pan of Nestle’s tollhouse cookies.  *drools* 

I like Prince Fielder but both of his kids are in dire need of at least a haircut if not a stylist.  When your kid isn’t breastfeeding and you have trouble identifying their gender it’s time for a drastic change. 

Did you hear about the couple, in Seattle I think, that have decided to raise their kid gender neutral?  I don’t think social experimentation is a good measure for raising a happy, healthy, and sane kid.  I think they’re just asking for trouble.  I wonder how long it’ll be before someone starts crying for the kid to be removed from that home, well assuming it has started already?  What do you think, social experimentation on your kid a good idea or a bad one? 

Some doctors are calling for morbidly obese kids to be taken out of their homes.  Wow.  Really?

Serena rocked the hell out her outfit at the Espys!  You remember those old Animal Kingdom and National Geographic shows that had lions chasing after zebras and attacking them from behind?  I just want to run up on Serena and bite her ass just like the lions.  Wonder if she’s wearing matching panties?

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