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5ive Disney porn titles:
1.  The Little Sperm-maid
2.  Cherry Poppins
3.  Faptasia
4.  Poca-hot-tits
5.  Finding Nympho

5ive favorite Tupac songs (in no particular order):
1. I Ain’t Mad At Cha
2. Thugz Mansion
3. Hit Em Up
4. Me and My Girlfriend
5. Hail Mary

5ive hottest Braxton sisters (from hottest to nottest):
1.  Toni (this is indisputable and I will not allow any dissension on the matter)
2.  Trina
3.  Tamar
4.  Towanda
5.  Traci

5ive times screaming ho is perfectly acceptable:
1. During the holidays (especially Christmas Eve & Christmas Day).
2. While watching Thundercats.
3.  At the Player’s Ball.
4.  At an old school rap concert.
5.  When greeting WWE wrestler “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan.

5ive signs you’re probably brand spanking new to Twitter:
1.  You send a bunch of thirsty ass tweets to celebrities and actually think you’re going to get a response.
2.  Your followers are mostly spambots.
3.  You’re an egg.
4.  You do your serious caking in public instead of through DMs.
5.  You retweet everything no matter how insignificant the tweet is.