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R.I.P. Amy Jade Winehouse.  It’s been said she’s a member of the 27 Club, which is a group of performers who died at the age of 27.  Members include:  Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Janice Joplin, & Jim Morrison.

My mom still hasn’t upgraded her phone yet even though we agreed on what phone she should get.  Apparently, she’s having one of my cheap attacks about paying $199 for a new phone.  For a subsidized upgrade on a smartphone it’s a good price.  I’m going to keep nudging her until she bites the bullet and upgrades.  I know she wants the phone.

I deleted one of my Facebook friends recently.  She added my sister as a friend and a friend of a friend.  They’ve never had any interaction on any level ever from what I know and that just didn’t sit right with me.  I like people staying in the neat little boxes I put them in unless I decide they should be in another.  I like to compartmentalize people and things which apparently goes counter to the intended purpose of social networks.  I kind of feel like it’s a personal violation to have people intrude on and attempt to co-opt my friendships/relationships.  In my mind just because I’ve listed someone as a friend, relative, or whatever on my blog or on my network doesn’t mean that I’m extending an invitation for you to be their friend, visit, get to know them, or whatever the case may be.  You’re supposed to visit my blog or network to interact with me not to scavenge my blogroll and friends.  That irked the hell out of me for many years while blogging.  Hell, it still does.  I stopped reading a lot of people because of their encroachments and blocked some as well. Now if you come across them some other way (not through me) and become friends then cool although I still may decide not to deal with you, the friend, or both because it’s creepy and I just don’t want certain people or areas of my life to overlap.  Yes, I’m selfish, possessive, ornery, and difficult and I’m okay with that.  I have boundaries and if you can’t respect them than I have no use for you at all.  Anyway, now the chick I deleted wants to know why.  To be honest, I’m not really inclined to reply.

I think I’m ready to get into a relationship again.  I’ve accepted that Val and I are through and rekindling something is unlikely.  Unfortunately, I think it will be awhile before I get another girlfriend.  Trying to get into a relationship during the summer is only slightly less difficult than sewing a liquid.  There’s also the whole matter of moving to another state looming until early 2012 so anyone local would probably be short term and I don’t think I have another long distance relationship in me.

I’ve been called a lone wolf many times in my life. Hell, I’ve used the term myself when describing me. I’ve learned early and been reminded quite often in life that I can’t depend on people. Well, I can depend on them to fuck up and do me wrong. If I held my breath waiting for them to do right by me I’d suffocate to death. I wish it wasn’t the case but like the saying goes, “If wishes were fifths we’d all be drunk.”

I just want someone that has time for me, is capable of giving me the attention I desire, actually wants to be around me, adores me, and surpasses my expectations of people in general (which really shouldn’t be too difficult.) Until then I remain a lone wolf hunting for my mate and a pack.

Most things are temporary so at the end of the day the only thing that matters is today. Yesterday has passed and tomorrow may never come so don’t rely on past actions and words or future promises. Say what you mean now and say it often. Ultimately that’s how I want to live my life. Maximize pleasure, minimize pain.

I love They Might Be Giants.  Don’t know why I took so long to download some of their albums.  If you’ve watched Tiny Toon Adventures than you know both Particle Man and Istanbul (Not Constantinople).  Both songs are my shit! The discussion on what Particle Man is about alone is interesting.

Watch Tiny Toons – Particle Man clip (http://www NULL.veoh NULL.com/watch/v559760mDgHastT) in Music (http://www NULL.veoh NULL.com/browse/videos/category/music)

I don’t understand how immigrants learn English from watching TV.  I was watching lucha libre (Mexican pro-wrestling) the other night and I might have understood every 20th or 30th word.  The closed captions couldn’t keep up and I considering how fast they speak we must sound retarded to them when trying to speak Spanish.  It’s funny how all the dudes look like meh but the chicks on TV there are so fine they have to throw in 15 minutes of commercials to prevent you from having four hour erections.

Been playing around with GetGlue’s beta app.  I’m liking it better than the regular version.

I saw Captain America:  The First Avenger yesterday.  It was okay.  Kind of slow in parts.  Definitely stay for the stinger.  The fanboys went absolutely nuts over it.  They should just hand out condoms because the floors are going to be sticky from all the geekgasms.

I tried to explain The Avengers to my mom and I don’t know what the hell she was thinking.  Maybe I need to get her some puzzles and some ginkgo biloba or something. Why did she think Lou Ferrigno was going to be playing the Hulk? I know I took her to see Hulk and I think I dragged her to see The Incredible Hulk as well. Hell, he even appeared as a security guard in one of the movies. *sigh* It confuses me wondering what the hell she was thinking.

I’m looking forward to Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  Caesar looks bad and don’t get me started on the gorillas.

I won a caption contest for my local theater.  The prize more free concessions.  I need to find some sweeps to enter.  I want to win a trip somewhere with lots of friendly, flirty chicks with big asses and small panties.

So Netflix gave me a 3% discount on my next bill because of an outage.  What the fuck am I going to do with 25 cents?

Don’t even want to look at the next electric bill.  Nope!  I know it’s going to hurt my feelings.

I don’t know what the hell I did to my foot but in the name of Sweet Baby Jebus, pain I rebuke thee!

I wish the stuff I zipped on Tweetcaster didn’t show up on the web version of Twitter either.

Wish chicks over the age of 12 would stop taking pictures with duckfaces (http://www NULL.urbandictionary NULL.com/define NULL.php?term=Duckface).  Put that shit to rest once and for all!  Unless your lips are painted with liquid Freaky and you’re blowing cum bubbles it ain’t even remotely cute.  It makes you look like you got smacked in the grill with a shovel and retarded as fuck!