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*****Here there be SPOILERS*****

Episode 4, entitled Me and the Devil was a marked improvement over the previous episode.  I’m going to jump all over the place so don’t mind me.  I just don’t understand the mind of abused women.  Then again I don’t make it a habit of knowingly dealing with women who allow themselves to be degraded and abused.  I knew Sam & Tommy’s mom wasn’t strong enough to leave that drunken bastard husband of hers.  The fact that she knew what he planned to do to Tommy and ultimately set him up is reason enough not to deal with damaged goods.  Fortunately, Tommy isn’t totally stupid and played possum long enough to get the drop on dear old dad.  Tommy should’ve whooped his ass years ago.  Well, he made up for it and then some since he allegedly beat his dad to death and did the same to his mom when she tried to intervene.   I know he feels bad but hell, she deserved it.  There, I said it.  I like how after everything went down the first person he ran to was his brother Sam.  The same brother that he basically said fuck you, you’re not my brother, last week.  I cracked up when he had the nerve to utter, “What are we gonna do?”  I liked that subtle look Sam shot him.  We?  Sam still helped his little brother dispose of the bodies but not before running into Sheriff Bellefleur again.  Sam knew a little too much about disposing of bodies and the eating habits of alligators.  I want to see more of his dark side.

Alcide and his homicidal, recovering V-addict shifter girlfriend Debbie Pelt seem to have run afoul of the local packmaster.  Did Alcide move or something because I thought he was the packmaster?  Anyway the dude who’s the packmaster, I forget his name is a scuzzy looking son of a bitch.  His hair looks like it’s thinning too so I’ve never heard of a balding werewolf.  I’m just saying…  If I recall from last week’s episode, the Shreveport packmaster is the baby daddy of the shifter Sam is dating.  Yeah, that’s not going to end well.

Jason is having blood dreams about the hot little baby vamp Jessica.  Jessica also happens to be his best friend Hoyt’s girlfriend.  I like a woman rocking some sexy panties with the matching bra.  That black lace really looked good with her coloring.  If vampires were real and looked like Jessica she could get whatever fluids she needs from me to top off.  So Jason is dreaming about Jessica riding him and then Hoyt shows up, sits down, and starts talking to him.  Of course, Jason feels guilty but Jessica is hot and grinding against him hard.  The camera goes from Jessica to Jason to Hoyt back and forth and then in one of the best what the fuck moments of True Blood Jessica turns into Hoyt who is now riding Jason.  I understand the blood dreams, remember when Sam had that dream about Bill?  I’m just wondering how the hell Hoyt fits into it.

Lafayette and Jesus decide to flee from their fear of vampire retaliation by driving down to Mexico and staying with Jesus’s creepy ass granddaddy.  The same person that made Jesus stab a goat to death and taste it’s blood when he was nine.  His grandfather is a brujo (a shaman or male witch depending on the translation), second coolest name next to witch doctor or warlock.  It was implied last season that he was either crazy or evil, possibly both.  I hope Lafayette doesn’t end up regretting that decision.  Speaking of Lafayette can we please get more of him?  Tara decides to head back to wherever it was she ran off to.  Unfortunately her girlfriend found some mail with Tara’s real name on it and confronted her about it on the phone.  Tara goes to chat with her best friend Sookie about her woes.  Sookie buries herself with each word out of her mouth plus she’s anxious since dusk is approaching and her secret housemate, Eric will come out of his hidey hole soon.  The same Eric that tried to kill Tara before losing his memory.  Sookie tries to get rid of Tara but she’s insistent about spending the night.  Bad move.  Eric comes out and the shit hits the fan!

So finding out she’s Louisiana vampire king Bill Compton’s great great granddaughter still didn’t deter Portia from trying to get some more undead dick in her.  She even argued the lack of merit for incest being immoral.  I love a persistent woman!  Bill told her he wasn’t down for keeping it in the family and finally had to glamour Portia to not only lose her attraction to him but to run away screaming at the very sight of him.  LOL!  A bit overboard but I guess it’s effective.  Bill got a lot of face time this episode as he kidnapped Marnie the witch in an attempt to find out what happened to Eric and to reverse the rotting spell she cast on Pam.  Marnie was less than helpful even while glamoured.  He gathered up the remaining sheriffs of Louisiana and informed them of the witches while forbidding them to go after them.  The aloof Pam lost her cool and let slip that the witch erased Eric’s memory.  She previously claimed that she hadn’t seen Eric in awhile and didn’t know where he was.  She also was forced to tell Bill that Eric was at Sookie’s house.  Well, technically it’s Eric’s house don’t sweat the small details.

If the pattern follows, next week will be a slow episode.  We’ll see.