Dance 4 me

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Facebook finally gave me the option to update to the Timeline layout.  I’m liking it!  Still not certain if I’m going to publish it yet or wait until the update is forced.

I’ve been having a few gremlins when it comes to my blog lately.  Certain people who I know are in the U.S. and am reasonably certain aren’t using a proxy have I.P. addresses showing as coming from China.  I block I.P. addresses from certain countries and China is one of them.  Because of this I got a couple of messages asking me why I blocked them.   I think I’ve unblocked them but I still don’t know what’s up with the wonky locations?  I think in part it may be a problem with a plugin I had installed recently.  Those problems seemed to happen after it was activated.  I even got a banned message and I know my I.P. address didn’t match the one from the message.  I deactivated it and so far so good.  I’m going to overhaul this blog one of these days, probably by the end of summer, at the latest.  I want a new theme and it looks like I’ll be buying one.  I also think I want to try a new web host so yeah, change is a comin’.

Yesterday was one of those freaky weather days.  I woke up and it was snowing at a nice rate but by the afternoon the snow had changed to rain and most of the fluffy white stuff was gone.  All I could think was what a waste and what’s the point?

In anticipation of my move I need to start buying some stuff with Detroit logos on them as I’m guessing I’ll be hard pressed to find them wherever I move to.

Valentine’s day went okay.  There was some drama with my Valentine getting some of her stuff.  I was kind of heated at the time because well, I’m a perfectionist and I wanted everything to go as planned because it was important to me.  After a headache and some detective work, everything ended up working out.  Well, mostly everything.  I still never found a card that felt appropriate or right and I never got the card she allegedly sent me.  I also almost sent her an ecard that she already received.  I think I’m going to give another try at making my own cards next year.  We’ll see.  I’ve been wanting to do something crafty and creative so maybe that will be my outlet until I can afford and make room for the screenprinting setup.

Since reactivating my Groupon account they’ve actually had some good stuff.  I’ve bought something from them twice this month and almost thrice if the previous deal hadn’t sold out while I was pondering.

Did anyone give up something for Lent and if so what?  I seriously considered giving up speaking for 40 days, if I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment at the end of next month I probably would’ve.  I think I can actually do it and I’m really considering doing it next year.

So according to some news sources Whitney Houston was buried in $500,000 worth of jewelry.  Seriously?!  There’s an agreement in my family that if anyone is hospitalized let alone dies that all the expensive stuff is to be taken off before the body is carted off in the first place.  I told my mom that between me and my sister she didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing her jewelry off of her before she’s buried.  LOL.  I’d be damned if I let half a million find it’s way into the ground like that.  That’s a lot of money to leave behind and she can’t use it anymore.  I’m just saying…

I’m not the most trusting of people.  I don’t particularly like the mysterious type.  I like harmony in all aspects of my life.  Unpredictability is not harmony and doesn’t gain my trust.  If I can’t trust you or have difficulty figuring you out I’m just going to keep you at arm’s length until I get tired of trying to figure out your angle and just cut my losses.  The word for the day is transparency.  

I need some new chicks to flirt with.  The old ones ain’t doing their jobs.

Just when I was about to give that dating site the old heave ho, I get a bite from a hottie who seems more entertaining than watching paint dry.  Let’s see how this goes.  I still need to find a decent horror movie to take my friend to.  If the weather continues as it is maybe I’ll take her to the drive-in and see if I can finally inaugurate my truck properly.  

There will be a Fuck it Friday! this week.  I think I want to do another user submitted Fuck it Friday! soon and maybe a special guest poster version of Fuck it Friday!  Feel free to submit some Fuck it’s for a future post via e-mail, let me know if you want your name assigned to it or if you want to be anonymous.  Also if you think you have enough annoyance or anger for a full on post and you want a guest spot then let me know and we can discuss it.

Since my dick doesn’t always allow me to rest at night before choking him the fuck out I’ve been watching some interesting porn.  I saw some amputee porn and I don’t know what the fuck I thought it was about but it wasn’t what I was expecting.  Ok, a chick was the amputee.  She had one of her legs removed at the knee.  She’s naked and making out with a dude who is lovingly kissing, licking, and rubbing her stump.  The woman pushed the guy onto his back, scooped out a healthy handful of Crisco shortening, lubed up her stump, and stuffed it up dude’s ass.  O_O  That was my eyes as she damn near literally broke a foot off in his ass.  She was walking his ass off and dude was loving it!  Still as weird as that was I’d be hard pressed to figure out where it ranks against clown porn and balloon porn on the freaky scale.

“Eye like it when you dance cuz it gets me hot 
Eye like it when you shake everything you got 
Eye like it when you dance cuz it’s so sexy 
Eye like it when you dance 4 me”

I want someone to dance for me to that song.  That would be hot and there’s a good chance bodily fluids will end up dripping down her body at some point.  

I want to try archery.  I also want to go back to a gun ring and bust some caps.

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