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Hard to believe it’s the first day of spring.  Seems like winter ended in February with a couple of weeks of spring to start off March and now we’ve had summer like weather for the past 1.5 – 2 weeks.  A cool down is finally coming towards the end of the week.

My teams didn’t want to cooperate with my brackets.  I still managed to go 12-4 in the last round and all the teams I have for the final four are still alive and well.

I’ve officially added this blood orange sherbet I bought over the weekend to my do not share list.  I had to stop myself when I did because I could’ve finished the whole damn thing in one sitting.  I’ll definitely have to buy some more.  I’ve been craving a mint Oreo blizzard with hot fudge from Dairy Queen since getting the e-mail that it was their flavor of the month.  I just haven’t been near one since it got warm and I hate that it’s so warm a good portion of it will melt before I get home.

The weather has been abnormally warm here as late.  We’ve been in the 70s for about a week and that’s supposed to continue for at least another week.  It should only be in the 50s.  We’ve missed out on the end of winter and skipped over a chunk of spring so far.  The funny thing is it’s not so bad at night or inside but when I went out I was sweating like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Everywhere I’m thinking of moving to is much warmer than here.  Me no likey the sun and heat.  People keep telling me I’ll get used to the heat eventually when I move.  I can’t see myself becoming one of those people talking about grabbing a sweater or something when the temps are in the 70s because I’m cold.  If that ever happens I will immediately book a trip north.

I found out that my sister plans on moving as well.  She said if our mother and I are leaving then she doesn’t want to be up here by herself.  She has plenty of friends here but I’m kind of glad she’s leaving too.  My mom won’t have to worry about her.  I think she’s going to move to whatever city we end up in.  I think I have the area decided unless I absolutely hate it when I visit.  At this point I just want to get it over with.  I want to know where I’ll be living so I can purge some stuff, start packing, take care of some things, and get ready for the big move.  In the back of my mind for some reason I keep thinking about the Evans from Good Times.  Every time they got excited and thought they were finally going to be up out of there something happens to make them stay.  Hopefully, that fear is unwarranted but we’ll see.  I hope for the best but always expect the worse.  I’m just praying wherever I move I can paint or something.  I can’t stand white walls and beige carpet.  I’ll definitely hang some art or pictures or maybe my TV.  I’m giddy about the simplest of things like changing my phone number.  Not so happy about having to get a new license, plate(s), and tags.  That sucks ass!

I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo more and more lately.  My main objection is that I find most of the ones I see to be tacky and meaningless. While the claim can be made either way for tackiness I’m thinking about getting some sort of Detroit related tattoo.  I don’t really want to start research on tattoo parlors while I’m still house hunting so it may end up being a birthday present for me after I move.  Now if I could only figure out where I’d want the tattoo placed on me.

I got my hands on some melatonin and wow!  Well, I should give it some more time to make sure but last night I slept pretty well.  Of course, that’s not counting those annoying ass birds who get to chirping at night.  I swear if I knew where their nests were I would do some very mean things to the little winged bastards.  Anyway, I’m thinking and hoping this might really help.  I’m also kind of impressed with how quickly the postal service sent it.  Waiting for a package from them can be like watching a pot of water boil but this time I’ll give you props, you did good.  Thanks BW!

I’m not sure I like the new Android Market.  First off the name change to Google Play Storewas unnecessary in my opinion.  I did go ahead and download the latest version of the market though because I hate waiting for them to push the update to me and I like having the latest version of things.  If you want the latest version of it (3.5.15) then grab your phone and scan this QR code and download it like any other app.

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If you want to know about the changes before you commit then you can find more information here (http://www NULL.androidpolice NULL.com/2012/03/16/download-google-play-store-formerly-android-market-v3-5-15-apk-with-a-brand-new-my-apps-interface/).  I think it’s cool except for the updates of your phone’s bloatware.  Hopefully, a future update allows a do not show or update option.

Haven’t done one in awhile but my Android app of the week is My Movies Pro (https://play NULL.google NULL.com/store/apps/details?id=dk NULL.mymovies NULL.mymoviesforandroidpro&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImRrLm15bW92aWVzLm15bW92aWVzZm9yYW5kcm9pZHBybyJd).  It’s a paid app ($4.99) that catalogs your movie collection and backs it up on the web.  There’s a free version that you can try out but it limits you to only scanning 50 movies, which is cool if you have a small collection.  I have over 220 so after trying out and liking the free version I decided to upgrade and get the paid.  Basically, you scan the barcode on the covers of your movies.  The app shows a thumbnail picture of the movie on your phone along with information like ratings, actors who starred in the movie, and when it was released in stores.  You can keep track of who you loan movies out to, watch trailers (to remind you what the movie is about), and even create a wish list of movies you’d like to own.  Note: this app isn’t for watching movies on your phone just cataloging what you have and/or want.  I got this app as a replacement to a free app that has apparently been abandoned by it’s developer and stopped working.  It’ll definitely come in handy during the move.  

So the windows finally got replaced last week.  It only took 2+ years for them to replace them.  I’m glad that it finally happened because they were looking really broke down, raggedy, and pathetic.  My room is no longer significantly hotter or cooler than the rest of the place and the new screens fit properly and don’t have tears in them to let in all sorts of bugs.   It wasn’t all peaches and cream though.  Why did the chick from the office call at 7:15 am to say they’re coming?  You’re supposed to give us at least 24 hour notice.  The really annoying thing was that we were job #4 on the list so they didn’t even start until about 1:00 pm.  They put the new windows out around 11:00 am and sat in the truck eating and smoking  for their lunch hour.  All in all they were done before 3:00 pm.  You feel really exposed and naked to the world during the transition between taking out the old windows and installing the new windows.  All the time I’m praying a bird, bugs, or my frenemy the skunk doesn’t decide to come in and visit.

Anybody else plan on seeing The Hunger Games this weekend?

So part of my Valentine’s Day gift got refunded.  She got the gift on her end but for some reason the people I bought the gift through don’t seem to know that.  Oh well, if you want to give me money I’m not going to refuse it.  

Okay, outside of the craziness with a plugin I was using on my site, I haven’t really been banning people lately.  That’s over with.  Between the web crawlers/bots and the lurkers some of you say nothing motherfuckers are irking the shit out of me.  Say something and make yourself known or don’t come back, it really is just that simple.