Post House Hunting Thoughts

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Originally, I was going to visit two cities during the trip.  I guess I’m okay with the fact that didn’t happen.  After all the driving I did to get to my destination I just didn’t have it in me to try to fit Atlanta in too. The funny thing is I actually had a better plan of what to do for Atlanta.  I was okay with moving to Atlanta especially since I thought my mom and sister would probably like it more but in the end things work out how they work out.  *shrugs* We ended up staying an extra day to take another look at a place we’d visited previously.  They didn’t have an apartment ready to view that day and the lady at the leasing office was supposed to call us to schedule a visit.  She never did and honestly we looked at so many places we couldn’t remember which one we were supposed to visit until after we were back in Michigan.   The whole trip was looking like a bust.  My mom suggested we look at the places we liked most one more time before hitting the road.

Three days ago 30 day notice was given and by the end of the month, I will be a former Michigander/Michiganian.  My favorite place won out. *celebratory booty dance*  There’s so much to do and so little time to do it.  I’m been wishing for the packing fairy and the o.c.d. cleaning fairy to make an appearance but so far neither have answered my pleas.  I’m looking forward to having a new address, changing my number, and being a little more mysterious for a little while.  Not really looking forward to getting a new license, plates, and finding new doctors.  Hell, I pretty much have to find a new everything.  That could be exciting or annoying but I’m going to go with exciting for the moment. The plan is to stay in the new place for about year while getting to know the area and looking at more places.  That sounds like a good plan of action to me.  It sucks that I’ll have to move again in about a year but a local move will be a lot easier than one cross country.  My sister is also probably going to come down next year so the whole family will be here.   Hopefully, some of her hot friends will visit as well.  What?!  

You know what’s messed up?  Once I was almost out of the state I found one of those apartment finder guides that had a lot of places I might have liked.  I also found a bunch of stuff a few days ago on Craigslist of all places.  I hate it when I find new information about something after I’ve already committed to a decision.  It sucks!  

The people there are polite.  I hate holding a door open for someone and not even getting a head nod or some kind of acknowledgment.  You don’t know how badly I just want to slam the door in people’s faces when they don’t acknowledge my good deed.  It was refreshing to hear thank you.

So how long did it take you to get comfortable with and really get to know your new city?  My GPS will still get plenty of use but I’d like to be settled in and have some sort of feel for and knowledge of my city as soon as I can.

This video is a little old but the information is still good.  Take a look at your tires when you’re done and if your tires are old get them replaced as soon as you can no matter how the tread looks.


I really have to figure out if I want to go with cable or satellite when I move.   I can’t do the lack of channels for more than a few days.  Over the air TV just lacks the variety I like.   AT&T Uverse isn’t available in my new neighborhood yet so it looks like I need to choose between Time Warner and DirecTV.  I don’t have any experience with satellite TV and I hear a lot of mixed reviews about them especially about them pooping out during heavy rain/bad weather.  Anyone have any firsthand knowledge on satellite TV?  I’m thinking regardless of which I choose I’ll going with Time Warner for my high speed Internet.  Cable modems are faster than DSL and speed and reliability are important to me.

This is a pizza I had from “our” place with Val.  First time I had the pizza without burning the fuck out of the roof of my mouth.  LOL.  I can’t wait to order a pay-per-view or pop in a blu-ray and go to town on some that pizza.  I’m drooling just thinking about the smell and taste of it.

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Cinnabon will be about 10 minutes away from my new place. *licks lips*  Mmmmm Cinnabon!

My mother reinforced why she’s not allowed to have a Facebook.  She told Val some stories about my sister and I.  I can’t imagine the type of slander she’d unleash online.  Val and I spoke to each other more during this trip than we have in months.  

I found a group I think I might want to join once I’m down there.  It looks like fun and a way to meet some new people.  Well, most of the people I meet will be new but you know what I mean.  I don’t need a lot of friends but I do look forward to expanding my local circle and actually interacting with people in person.  I don’t mind texting and such, it’s grown on me, but when we’re in the same city and that’s the only we communicate then it’s kind of a problem.   

I scratched off another shot glass from my list on my way back.  I’m mad that I found a shot glass I liked better after I bought the one I did.  Grrrrr!

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I also got another shot glass in the mail from a friend.  I haven’t been there yet because I’m afraid of being violated by the heat but after I explore some more places in the eastern U.S. I plan to visit some places in the west.  There’s a Vegas shot glass waiting for me.

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Speaking of shot glasses, I finally had some Patron.  Well, three different kinds of Patron actually.  Never had straight tequila and you know what?  It wasn’t bad.  I didn’t drink enough to get fucked up but I did feel kind of nice.  Oh yeah!  

I was chatting with a friend filling her in on my plans to move and my destination.  She told me that she was thinking about moving there too.  Well about 90 minutes away.  She suggested that we get together before I leave.  I hadn’t really thought of saying goodbye to anyone, mainly because I don’t really do goodbyes and partly because I figure people will find out that I’m leaving or gone when they actually call me.  Maybe since I’m leaving she’ll have time to actually meet.  Yeah, I won’t hold my breath.  

Upon returning home I discovered to my horror that my camera wasn’t among the possession I brought in.  I tossed my bags like a burglar and started to become resigned to the fact that someone was enjoying my purple camera and I’m glad I didn’t have any dirty pics on it.  I was so mentally exhausted from the trip but I vaguely remembered having a conversation with my mom about the camera.  I went out to my SUV and sure enough it was safe in my glove box.  I was so relieved that I didn’t have to buy a new one.  


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