Wednesday ramblings

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The Avengers was awesome!  Go see it… now!  Speaking of  The Avengers, I won some free concessions (two drinks & a popcorn) to the theater I saw it in from their Facebook page.  The manager looks at my name and looks at me and says you look familiar.  You’ve won this before?  Yep, I’ve won their contests about four times.  It seems like all I do is win.  LOL.  Guess I won’t be winning anymore.  Well, I could still win but I won’t be able to actually use the prize.  Now I have to find a new theater to frequent (pretty much a new everything for that matter).  I’m really going to be sad about the lack of  free screenings.  I’ve turned down more here than I actually attended but my new location doesn’t seem to have as many.  I had a pass to see Battleship last night.  I just wasn’t motivated or had the energy to do it so I guess I’ll have to see it later and come out of pocket.

The movers have been hired and damn they wanted a LOT of money.  *sigh*  The messed up thing is that it will take them up to two weeks to actually deliver the furniture to the new place.  Well, that’s the first messed up thing I suppose.  The second is that they will pack up the stuff between the 29th and the 31st.  If they pick up the furniture and stuff early then I supposed I can leave sooner but I’ll still need a hotel or something until my actual move-in date.  This should be fun.  I guess there’s an inflatable mattress in my future.  I also think I’ll be taking my TV with me instead of having them ship it so I’m not completely bored out of my mind in my empty room.  Maybe I should write a blues song.  LOL.  I should probably take some (or all) of my movies with me as well.  I still have a lot of packing to do.

I donated some clothes that got picked up today.  Less stuff I have to pack.  Woohoo!  Now I need to wait for someone to come and pick up the items I don’t want.   I’m seeing some progress but I guess it’s just my nature to want to see more progress and to see it now.   I still find it a little hard to believe that in roughly two weeks I’ll be living in a new city and new state.  I was asked yesterday if I was nervous.  It feels kind of weird to say but as the date gets closer I feel almost equally nervous and excited.  Sometimes the scales tips a little more in one direction but for the most part it’s about equal.  I’m hoping it’s a new start regardless and that’s how I’ve been looking at it.

I think I’ve already found a group that I want to join.  It would probably be considered a bit nerdy by most people but I don’t really care.  I get to play games and maybe meet some cool people.  Two things I like that I don’t get to do often enough.

I also changed my dating profile to my new city.  I’ve gotten a few nibbles too.   I don’t really expect to find anything too serious at the moment.  Summer is coming and when it’s hot and everyone is hot in the ass no one’s really looking for commitment.  Figure at the very least I’ll have someone something to do and see how and if the locals are different from Detroit women.  By the time the weather cools down I should be on the same page as somebody.  Well, as long as it’s not around the holidays.  I’m not trying to buy a gift for someone I don’t really know.  What?!  Say what you will but that’s how I feel.  If we ain’t cool well before the holidays then we won’t be cool until after the holidays.  Anyway, I was chatting with a chick and she did what annoys me with a lot of chicks on the Internet.  We chat for a few minutes and then she throws out her phone number and tells me to call her.  *Nancy Kerrigan voice*  Why?!  Why?!  Why?!  My whys are two-fold.  Why contact me in the first place and start a chat with me if you’re going to claim 10 or 15 minutes later that you’re tired of chatting?  I like to chat for at least a couple of days before even thinking about calling someone.  It’s been my experience that if chatting with you is boring then talking with you is going to be boring as well.  Most people just can’t or don’t grab me as interesting in 15 minutes and cold calling a stranger doesn’t appeal to me at all.  My second why is why are the pretty/hot chicks almost always duller than a butter knife?  Seriously, they always complain about guys just trying to hit but we don’t have similar interests and your conversation is tepid and awkward at best?  What else is there other than to fuck?  At least then we don’t have to talk.

I guess a lot of people are giving their notice because management is putting up signs everywhere offering a $200 referral bonus to residents who get people to move in.  Yeah, I’m trying to get away from the hoodrats, thugs, and nigglets you have here now I’m both oddly fascinated and kind of scared of what the rabble will try to bring in.  Good luck with that, glad that I’m out!

I want a puppy soooooo bad!  I’ve been looking at the site of an animal shelter and they have so many fucking adorable furbabies!  I kind of want another pit bull but the place I’m moving too has breed restrictions.  I could fall in love with something else or just wait until the lease is up at the new place and get what I love.  Decisions, decisions.  

I got a friend request recently on Facebook.  The person in question also sent one to my sister.  I sent a friend request to the person a couple of months ago and it went unanswered for weeks before I rescinded it.  The person knows us both but I know the person better and we’ve had the longer relationship.  It seems my sister was requested first.  I’m kind of of the mindset to reject it with a message of, “Fuck you!”  

I feel another purging coming along.  

Is it wrong to recycle a pet name/term of affection?  Like most pet names I kind of threw it out originally because it amused me but I kind of like the name now and want to use it with someone I’m actually banging on the regular.  

I don’t know if I want to stick with Sprint or not.  4G is pretty much nonexistent in most of my area and it seems most of the places I visit as well.  Their LTE network is going to be awhile as well.  On the positive side Sprint is cheaper than the others and the unlimited everything plan is nice.  However, they don’t have the phone I want, their 3G network is slower than a short bus with flat tires, and I want faster speeds now.  Still have a few months before my contract expires.  Anyone know of any discounts for Verizon or AT&T?  Maybe I might check out a regional carrier.  Regardless it won’t be MetroPCS or MetroPOS as I call them.  Those fuckers owe me two pictures and a happy ending.  

Arranged for power and cable in the new place.  Wow, this is actually starting to feel real.  

Kind of debating if I want to paint my whole bedroom, since I’ll have the opportunity, or just an accent wall.  

I hope 5 hour energy works better than Red Bull.  Though my sister may come down and help out with the drive.  I can do the drive, I just get bored.  I need to figure out some games I can play while driving that will keep me engaged mentally and stave off the boredom.  I do look forward to adding another shot glass to my collection though.  

I got my free hugs/slut hugger t-shirt.  Can’t wait until I wear it.  I got some good reactions from my twitter shirt and my “I hate everyone” shirt.


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