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Long time no see, huh?  Well, since my last post I’ve officially moved out of Michigan.  The move wasn’t as uneventful as I would’ve liked.  I’ll be the first to admit and chalk a lot of that up to poor preparation.  At the end of the day there just wasn’t enough time, help, or anything else to make that move go without a hitch.  It was a farce.  The movers were late and slow as fuck.  Fortunately, they weren’t being paid by the hour but still.  They weren’t moving with any kind of urgency.  Nothing seemed to be organized.  Some things were still being packed at the last minute and I constantly had to keep telling my mom that there was only so much room in my SUV and I wasn’t transporting any big, unruly plants.   By the time we finally left a lot of stuff got left behind.  I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I didn’t even remember that I hadn’t packed my keyboard, which I’ve been meaning to get lessons to learn how to play.  Didn’t have any room for it in my SUV by that point anyway.  It was packed so fully that at one point I couldn’t even see out of the back window and one of the rear side windows.  I’m sorry but I have never and will never prescribe to the school of thought that women need to have more things while traveling and thus have every right to pack way too much.  If you need help to lug all that shit around then no, you don’t get to take it with you.  My mother came to my truck with at least a dozen bags and I’m not even going to lie, I fucking lost it!  I said some things that hurt her feelings but at the time, I was just so sick and tired and exhausted.  I just wanted a bed and to be away from her for a little while.

Even with all of that I was half ready to start that long ass drive.  Thankfully, I got a few hours of sleep, crashing at my sister’s place.  Oh, I was still tired but I was better.  Of course, there was no chance in hell that the office would be open by the time we got there.  That meant another night at that funny smelling hotel.  I took a 5 hour energy drink and got my drive on.  I probably should’ve taken two at the same time.  I wasn’t nodding off but I wasn’t wide awake either, which is what I was kind of expecting.  Maybe that’s not the case.  Anyway, it tasted disgusting compared to Red Bull but unlike Red Bull I wasn’t agitated.  Then again that could’ve been because of the past few days I was already feeling more agitation then a little can could ever hope to cause.

My mom thinks the movers stole some of her jewelry.  She called the company, the movers denied it, the company said file a police report.  She called the police from the former city and they told her to file a report with the police here who will forward it to them.  Really?  Seems like they’re just passing the buck.  I don’t know if she followed up yet.  I’m pretty sure she hasn’t so I’ll probably have to bug her until she does.

Been at the new place for about a week and half.  The movers showed up Monday.  They were supposed to come between 7 am and 9 am.  They called and said that they’d be late because the truck was overweight and they were going to take back roads.  I can’t tell if they’re stupid, incompetent, and negligent, or if they’re cruel and malicious.  Seems like all of the “hard” furniture has scratches, dents, nicks, or other minor damage.  One piece that has managed to survive half a dozen moves shows up with a huge crack in it.  Seems like it was dropped to me and they had nothing but excuses.  The piece belonged to my grandfather and if you knew him then you knew he spent some good money on it because he didn’t do cheap or IKEA like the dumbass mover suggested.  Besides, Michigan didn’t even have an IKEA until the 2000’s.  Furniture issues aside please tell me why one of those short bus bastards decided to take boxes off the truck and stack them in the parking area and seemingly forget about them?  But wait there’s more!  It rained and these idiots were lollygagging putting together a bed frame!  Are you fucking serious?!  Fortunately, I brought in my comic books and electronics before they were soaked or ruined.  I’m still pissed that I had to tell them it was raining and that they needed to cover boxes and bring them in… NOW!  I love wet boxes but only when my dick is inside of them and not my personal items.  Though my dick is my most personal item but you know what I mean, right?  Right!  They took all goddamn day but the move is over… for now.

I thought unpacking wouldn’t suck nearly as much as packing.  Well, I can admit when I’m wrong and boy was I wrong.  Unpacking sucks ass!  Don’t even get me starting on all the shit I have to buy to replace stuff I didn’t think I’d need, didn’t bring with me, or recently learned or decided that I needed.  Cable came today.  I’m glad because the channels I pulled in over the air was varied and sporadic.

Let’s see what else?  My knee has heeled over, mostly.  Just waiting for the skin to match the rest of my leg in color but the scab has come and gone and I managed not to pick most of it.

Pit bulls are on the banned breeds list at this place and what do I see pretty much the next day?  Three different pit bulls being walked around.  If I can’t have a bully then neither can they.  I need to find out where these owners live and drop a dime to management.  Don’t judge me!

I didn’t know there were so many dragonflies around here.  I see them outside in front of my apartment everyday.  I’m still not fond of them but they eat mosquitoes and I’m near a wooded area so as long as they don’t touch me I won’t swat them and stomp the fuck out of them.  That’s all I can promise at the moment.

I’m still trying to get to know my area a bit better and the rest of the city.  I have to figure out some activities to get myself out there and meet people.  Now that I have Internet again, I can better find out what’s happening around town.  I was schooled a bit in local women and the local dating scene.  Seems I may have to reevaluate the 30 minute rule.  I want a girlfriend.  This time of year sucks for finding them but I guess any chicks I may deal with is good for some practice anyway.  

Finally, changed my number.  I also had my suspicions confirmed by someone else that I live in a cellphone dead zone.  Well, maybe not technically dead since one can still get a signal but voice and data is erratic as a hysterical woman’s mood swings.  One day I woke up with absolutely no data at all and my calls were dropping so much you might as well say I had no calls either.  I went to the local Sprint store and dude tried to get me to upgrade.  They have some type of program that lets you upgrade early for $50.  So basically, I have to pay for the phone and an additional $50 for the privilege of upgrading early.  Not only that but he still didn’t address the issue I had with my phone.  How do I know that the new phone you want to sell me won’t suffer from the exact same issue?  I’m eligible for an upgrade next month.  Last time I checked they said they’d give me $150 off a new phone.  That’s a lot cheaper than that bull shit you’re trying to get me on.  What really irked me was dude started talking about how my phone was no good and it’s had a lot of problems and yada, yada, yada.   I hate when companies do that.  It wasn’t a bad phone when you couldn’t hide far enough underground in a cave to escape the commercials you kept bombarding us.  I understand you’re trying to sell the latest greatest and that their sales hasn’t been what you hoped for but don’t diss your product.  A year from now you’re going to say the same thing about your current golden child.  Fortunately, now that I have Internet again I can put my phone on my wireless network.  Otherwise I’d be more than ready to ditch Sprint.

 I still need to get a new license, plates, and it would be nice to find a credit union.  I hope to do the first and the last by the end of the month and get my plates next month.

The next move I want them to pack, move, and unpack everything.  Hopefully, I’ll have my stuff unpacked by the weekend.  Maybe the rest of the place can be done next week.  I’m not even going to sweat it, even though it would be nice not to have boxes underfoot everywhere.  

Oh and for those who’ve been wondering where I now stay.

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I still can’t see myself being down with the local teams yet.  It’s still Go Blue, Go Spartans, Go Tigers, Go Wings, and Go Lions.  The Pistons need to do a lot better but I guess Go Pistons too.  

So what’s been up with you?

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