Last Friday & other stuff

Went to the state fair last Friday.  I haven’t done public transportation in ages but I’m so glad I decided to that day.  Didn’t want my mom having to take the long ass trek I had to endure last time I went.  I would’ve lost my fucking mind trying to deal with the traffic there.  It was a mess.  Taking the bus, we got dropped off ridiculously close to the gate.  I think I’m going to try to go twice next year.  One will be early in the day probably shortly after they open (avoid the crowd) while the next time will be with Val and the family.  I’m guessing my sister will be down here as well by this time next year.

It wasn’t as crowded as the time I went a couple of years ago.  Seriously, sometimes maneuvering was the like the walking equivalent of a downtown traffic jam.  This year was much better but the state of North Carolina could invest in some more seating areas.  I had this big plan on everything I was going to eat and sadly didn’t even come close to accomplishing that.  I had some fries because I always get fries at fairs.  The ones on top were halfway decent but a few at the bottom were like hot greasy globs of potatoes.  Still having a problem with getting fries actually prepared how I like them here.  *shrugs* I had a slice and a half of really doughy pizza that just sat in my stomach for awhile taking up valuable room.  I was kind of disappointed.   I never did find my deep fried key lime pie.  I did see the deep fried oreo pie but I was still waiting to digest that pizza dough.  I did have a deep fried thin mint cookie.  It was meh!  The batter was weird kind of soggy, chewy, and lukewarm.  It was serviceable but I’m glad I didn’t pay for it.  The slushes were pretty blah.  It was a cup of syrup with a snow mall in the middle.  The ribbon fries looked delicious but the serving was huge and it’s definitely not something you could walk around and eat comfortably.  Next year though I will get some in my tummy.  I was really looking forward to the honey sticks.  I didn’t buy enough.  Next year I need to at least double the amount I got and probably triple if not quadruple it.  Seriously, they’re yummy.  I especially liked the strawberry, lemon, lime, and orange flavored honey sticks.  I ended up having to share one after I posted pics on Facebook.  Stupid Facebook!

There was a barker trying to get people to come to his stand that had me cracking up.  He reminded me of Herbert the pervert from Family Guy but with a Southern accent.  Every time he said pie I was giggling uncontrollably.  I noticed a caricature booth as I was leaving and mentioned to Val that next year she has to pose for a picture by the artist.  She claims she wants one of me too.  We’ll see, I guess.  I’m also thinking of getting a tattoo for my milestone birthday.  I think next year I definitely want some souvenirs.  I didn’t get any this year though to be honest I really wasn’t looking all that hard for any.

The Romney supporters were out and about at the fair.  People were walking around with his damn yard signs.  Some idiot attached a sign to the top of his baby’s stroller.  Seriously who does that?!  I think one thing I dislike about election “season” is how obnoxious supporters of all candidates can be.  It’s like those hypocritical pious twatwaffle assholes who post statuses like “He is the reason for the season” every Christmas.  Shut the fuck up!  Vote for and support whoever you want but don’t ram that shit down people’s throats especially outside of the political arena.

Sprint’s wack ass coverage ruined a cool video I had taken at the fair.  Mind you my phone acted normally until I wanted to take the video and check-in on Facebook.  Kept getting roaming warning messages every couple of minutes or so.  The pop up warnings caused my video to stop recording but I didn’t know this at the time.  Guess in the future I’ll just put the phone in airplane mode before recording because of dumb ass Sprint’s coverage.

Speaking of Sprint, my phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, is finally available.  It’s $100 more than I was hoping it would be.  While I want the phone so badly I almost do the pee pee dance whenever I think about it, I’m not sure I want to upgrade and tie myself to Sprint for another two years if they’re coverage is going to continue being sucky where I live and iffy whenever I go out.  I’m almost ready to say fuck the discount and jump ship to Verizon or AT&T.  If I could get a discount for one of them then it might be a done deal.  I’m trying to wait hoping they improve but with each passing day I’m hating Sprint more and more.

I finally got a deep fryer.  I absolutely ♥ french fries and it’s nice to finally be able to have them the way I want.  

I like that we have the option to vote early here.  Besides a minor snafu the process was quick and painless.  I don’t think I’m ever going to vote on the actual election day ever again unless I have to.  

I renewed my domain registrations again.  Every year for the past several I’ve really wondered if I should renew.  It’s not cost prohibitive or anything but with the state of blogging today it’s more of a why bother issue.  I like the name of my site and at least a few other people do too based on the inquiries from certain domain registries.  Sometimes I think it would be easier to just go back to Blogger or WordPress but I’m not going to let someone scoop up the name Freakytopia for free.  Now if some adult site wants to buy it then hit the contact me link and make me an offer worth my time.  Anyway thanks to the people who still find time to comment.  I appreciate it.


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