I finally hit up a burger joint I had heard about on a local forum for awhile now with Val.  She’s been on this everything happens for a reason thing as of late.  I’m kind of on the fence if I actually believe that or not but long story short if things had gone as planned I wouldn’t have been hanging out with on Friday, never would’ve rode with her to the DMV, and never would’ve looked up to notice that this place I heard about was just a couple of hundred feet from where we parked.

BurgerFi (http://freakytopia NULL.net/2013/02/12/mmm-beefy/burgerfi/)
BurgerFi (http://burgerfi NULL.com/) has a couple of locations here and they’re supposed to open a few more over the next few months from what I hear.  One thing I enjoyed were the fries.  I’ve had the toughest time getting fries cooked properly since moving here.  They’re usually on the under cooked side but these were delicious!  It looks like one big basket of fries but they’re actually two small orders of fries.  Val got hers with Parmesan & herbs and I got mine plain.  I’m going to try to mix things up a little and maybe next time get some Cajun seasoned cheese fries.  Mmmmm, Cajun seasoned cheese fries. *drools*  Yes, you see right, the buns are branded with the company’s name.  The best part for me was the Coke Freestyle machine.  Libras are often said to be indecisive, especially when presented with too many choices and/or too many choices too quickly.  I gazed upon that machine and wet my pants.  Okay, I didn’t piss myself but I did get freeze up like a deer caught in the headlights for a minute until I remembered how fucking cool this machine is and how long I’ve been wanted to get my thick, grubby fingers on one.  I finally got my wish.  Orange Coke and Peach Sprite are the bomb.com.  If I ever win the lottery then best believe I’ll have one in my entertainment room and a Slurpee machine!  Nope, you can’t come over and play with it either.  It was a little more expensive then I’d like it to be but the the grub was good so I’ll be back.

This month so far has been sucky financially.  Glad I don’t have a girlfriend so I don’t have to buy her anything.  I got hit with several unexpected fees and bills right at the beginning of the month.  Shot my budget all to hell.  The one that irked me the most was Sprint deciding to charge me an upgrade fee for my new phone.  Given all the problems I’ve had trying to get and keep a signal they’re lucky I even decided to upgrade and give them another two years.  Sure they sent me an Airave but at the end of the day it’s still using the Internet that I have to pay for to strengthen their overwhelmed network.  So, I’m basically paying for the privilege of using a phone that can’t even be used to it’s fullest capabilities outside of my house, on my wifi network, and on my own dime?  For that alone, I think they should wave the upgrade fee.  Do I wait for my contract to expire again, find a way to get out of my contract, or force them to kick me off to avoid paying any ETFs?

I actually got a 4G signal on my phone not too far from house.  Progress?  I’ll be more willing to drink the Kool-Aid when I can get the signal at my place, inside and outside.

I had my first nosebleed yesterday.  Scared the shit out of me!  Not because of the blood but the amount of my blood.  First it was just out of one nostril and as soon as I walked through the front door my other nostril started oozing blood.  It took about an hour for the bleeding to finally stop.  I made the mistake of tilting my head back and immediately regretted that.  Even when I leaned my head forward I managed to spit out a huge glob of what looked like raw liver to me.  Should’ve taken a picture.  Unfortunately for you I didn’t.  What?  You know you wanted to see it.  Needless to say I made too sinks look like a crime scene out of Dexter.

I’m seriously thinking about deleting my online dating profile.  I’m just not getting the type of response I want.  The chicks seem to fall into one of four categories, 1.) geographically undesirable, 2.) boring as fuck,  3.) mud duck ugly, or 4.) too damn many kids.  I’m either going to tap out or see what kind of fuckery I can find elsewhere.

I picked the Ravens to win and they did!  Too bad I didn’t get the coin toss right.  I wanted that free pizza from Papa John’s.  The losers get 50% off a pizza.  I know this because Papa John’s emails me at least four times a week to remind me.  Seriously?!  I got the message the first time now cease and desist and back up off my nuts, hoe!

I still think the Puppy Bowl was more interesting to watch.  Marta went beastmode on those pit bulls!  I’m glad she won the MVP (most valuable puppy) for Puppy Bowl IX.

The halftime show was okay.  A lot of people online and on TV gushed about how great it was.  Really?  It was a’ight but it’s not the greatest halftime performance of all time.  Hell, I wouldn’t even say it was the greatest this 2000.  It would be nice if the performer selected was… I don’t know relevant with current hits or debuting some new material.  Beyonce’s show was spectacular to look at and her outfit… I wouldn’t mind sniffing the crotch after her performance and being her wedgie boy.  Kelly looked like a horse in the face but I’d still giddy up in her ass raw, given the chance.  As for Michelle, when she was introduced, I just said, “Hey, it’s that other girl!”  That quote would make the perfect title for her next independent album that ends up selling diamond, platinum, gold, wood.

My mom told me recently that one of my cousins died.  Can’t say that I feel bad.  Honestly, I can’t really say that I feel anything as I hadn’t seen him in over 20 years and we weren’t really close.  I am curious about the circumstances but I haven’t been able to find anything online.  The Internet is failing me.  I’ve been doing a little searching into my father’s side of the family tree but nothing too serious.  I haven’t tried to contact any of them.  I doubt that I ever will but it’s interesting to know where his people are.  I wonder what or if I’ll feel anything when my father dies?  *shrugs*