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Haven’t done one of these in ages, put the first thing that pops into your head on each. Don’t overthink it.

If I was a/an _____, I’d be ______

TV show: The Walking Dead
Song: My Dick by Mickey Avalon
Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Book:  A Song of Fire and Ice (a.k.a. Game of Thrones)
Fictional character:  Tyrion Lannister, A Song of Fire and Ice
City: Detroit forever bitches!
Verb: Skeet
Color: Purple, the color of nobility.
Animal: Dog
Emotion: Lust
Article of clothing: Sexy panties
Flavor: Orange coffee
Food: Pepperoni pizza
Vice: Random, loose booty pussy!
Plant: Lilac
Mythological animal: Dragon
Letter: X
Inanimate object: Your vibrator/dildo
School Activity:  Talent show
Positive attribute:  Sense of humor
Negative attribute: Vindictiveness