What’s happening Cap’n?!  Not a whole lot around these parts.  I went to an Erykah Badu concert last week.  I’m not really a fan of her music, well outside of her ass which is pretty damn nice.  In fact, I pretty much despise neo soul music in general.  Checking on some reviews of her more recent concerts I wasn’t expecting anything better.  The concert was scheduled to start at 10:00 PM it started at close to 11:00 PM.  The comedian was cool.  I wouldn’t pay to see him but he was much funnier than the chick they used at the Frankie Beverly concert.  After his act was over there was a DJ.  His set was nothing to phone home about.  Val and I took guesses of when Ms. Badu would take the stage.  I won and she took the stage at about a quarter to midnight.

Like the Frankie Beverly concert too many people couldn’t seem to keep their asses in their seats.  What’s the point of buying a “seat” when you’re standing for half the concert.  I have absolutely no dancing skills at all so I’m more than qualified to point out when other people don’t as well.  There were a bunch of non dancing bitches swaying, gyrating, and waving their arms in the air like an orangutan with vertigo.  The only saving grace was I saw a lot of tight and shiny clothes to keep my eyes happy and my loins awake.  What?!  The concert was part of a university’s homecoming weekend.  I wasn’t sure if the abundance of lesbians in attendance were typical Badu fans, students at the university, or both.  Their were a bunch of them and the studs seemed to favor dreadlocks as their hairstyle of choice.  There was one that was going up and down the row, stairs, and section.  I don’t know if she was drunk, high, or both but she was definitely altered and doing way too much.  She kept drunkenly gazing at the chick in front of me and I was waiting to hear her spit some game but it never came.  I think the chick in front of me might have been thankful for that.

The audio system was horrible.  Not that I’m all that familiar with her music anyway but I knew a couple of songs and couldn’t understand more than a few words outside of cussing.  I knew Erykah had some long but I didn’t know it was down to her ankles.  I do wish she didn’t wear that oversize shirt to cover up that ass and people would’ve sat their asses down so I could get a better look at her dropping it like it’s hot.  I guess I’m also glad more people weren’t lighting up.  Seriously people smoke joints at some of the weirdest events.  Val suggested that Erykah’s concert might be more enjoyable to people who are altered.  Since I’ve never been it sucked for me but that lesbian with the dreads must’ve been having the time of her life.  Overall, I was impressed with the performance, production, or venue.  I must have long legs or something because I never have enough leg room.  I’m not an avid concert goer but out of the few I’ve attended this was the worst of the group.

It was late by the time Val got me home.  I didn’t want her driving any further and I wanted to have some personal time with her pants (I don’t know what material that was but me likey) so she spent the night.  The next morning I finally got a chance to read the newsletter from the community I live in.  Turns out they were having a pet adoption fair that very day.  In fact by the time I read the flyer announcing it, it was already half over.  When Val left I went to the fair.  Based on last year’s fair I wasn’t expecting too much but I was wrong.  They had puppies (they weren’t weaned yet), lap dogs, and bigger dogs.  I walked a played with a few of them.  I kind of had my eye on a huge Boxer mix.  Apparently another dog had her eyes on me.   She had the saddest looking face and pleading eyes.   The eyes eventually won me over and last Saturday, I adopted a furbaby.   It took me a couple of hours to figure out a name for her.  I didn’t think her name fit her so I gave her a new one.  Her name is Cinnamon.

My mom has taken to calling her my shadow because everywhere I go she wants to follow.  I already see I need to get her some obedience training and socialize her.  I also might get her a DNA test to get a better picture of her breed.  The rescue I got her from weren’t exactly sure and the papers they gave me with her shows some disagreement in her breed.  If she is what breed I think she is then it explains some of her “quirks”.  She’s adopted a corner in my room as hers.  Unfortunately, that area happens to be directly in front of the entrance to my bathroom.  *sigh*  For better or worse she’s mine now.