Thanksgiving Eve

So it’s been about a week since my last post and things have gotten better.  Last week she got a crate and I officially evicted her from my bedroom.  She still hangs out in my room or wherever I may happen to be almost every chance she gets.  In fact as I type this she is laying on my bed on her back showing the world her goodies.  I don’t need to see that.  Well, at least she doesn’t keep me awake scratching, biting, and licking herself.  I also don’t have to awaken to her shaking my bed to get me up.   She also got a rope toy and a couple of squeaky toys.  She likes those damn squeaky toys so I’m thinking she’ll get some more for Christmas.  I’m also thinking about getting her some sort of bed or mattress for her crate.  Do you know they actually sell memory foam beds for dogs?  I didn’t either until I started looking.  There are a couple of options that cost more than what some people I know paid for their current mattress sets.  Oh she’s not getting anything that opulent from me.  Hell, I want a fancy new bed myself.

I wasn’t sure how she’d like her crate but she’s okay with it.  When she wants to get away she’ll go upstairs and lay down inside of it.  It’s funny finding out about her quirks and personality.  She’s kind of selfish with her toys.  As soon as I pick one up she wants it and if I pay too much attention to it she’ll pick them up and carry them away to her crate.  She’s discovered squirrels and doesn’t like them at all.  Cats are also persona non grata.  Not sure how she feels about birds.  Whenever we go to a pet store she’s curious about them but they’re in cages.  She definitely dislikes small dogs not sure how that’s gong to work next time my sister’s hot friend visits.  She has a tiny dog.  She seems to like adults but is kind of jittery around children at first.  She barks, growls, and sometimes does a little howl when she sleeps.  I really wish I could see what she’s dreaming about.  I’m hoping to finally introduce her to Val this weekend.  Not sure how that’s going to go. Cinnamon seems to want a lot of my attention and affection so I wonder how she’ll feel about me sharing it.  When she acts extra attention starved I call her Cinnamonster!  LOL.  

So my mom was watching the dog when I went to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert last week.  Anytime I even go near the front door Cinnamon thinks it means I’m going to take her outside.  I had to sneak out and before I even made it to Val’s place my mom texted a picture of Cinnamon waiting for me by the door.  I actually felt kind of bad.  She stayed by the door for awhile waiting for me to come back, I guess after about an hour or so she finally gave up and tried to get some attention from my mom.  My mom sent several pictures of her looking pitiful before we left for the concert.  I loved up on her a little extra when I got home.  

The concert was okay.  It was loud as hell and the first half of the show was way too long.  Soon as he said second half I was thinking nobody told me anything about a second half.  Parking was $20!  I could just imagine the owner standing on the top of the arena and rubbing his hands together and laughing while thinking about all the money he was raking in.  I’m not condoning armed robbery but damn if I did, I’d start I’d with that concert, wait until all the fees were collected and steal every last dollar!   I haven’t been to this many concerts ever.  I usually go a decade between concerts and I’ve been to three this year.  I’m going to at least one next year and a comedy show.

I don’t really have any major plans for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully my Lions won’t find a way to lose another game that they on paper they should win tomorrow.  Val is getting me some authentic moonshine.  I’ve never had the stuff before.  Technically, I could’ve bought some at the ABC store today along with the whiskey (for the eggnog) and the peach vodka I got.  I figure it’s about time to start keeping some alcohol around and taking some time off of my liver.  I kid.  I have no idea what I’m going to make with moonshine or peach vodka but I’ll figure out something.  I might actually do some shopping on Black Friday, I might not but my mom wants to go so…  There are a bunch of movies on blu-ray that will be on sale for dirt cheap that I want to add to my library.  We’ll see.  Honestly, I don’t want to be anywhere near anyone’s mall tomorrow, Friday, or possibly even Saturday.  

That’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods what’s going on in yours?  

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