New Year’s Eve was just like every other day.  I probably would’ve went to sleep early but I wanted to see Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor perform and I was trying to win a giveaway at midnight. It was supposed to be the first 2015 people to submit a completed form won but of course the site got slammed. After the site crashed they just assigned shit randomly so I didn’t win.  I really don’t understand why companies don’t understand more people than they planned will hit their site and prepare accordingly.  Oh well, I’m still looking for my first contest/sweepstakes win of 2015.

Unlike a lot of football fans outside of Texas I actually didn’t hate the Cowboys until the referees ripped off their shirts revealing Dallas t-shirts underneath, turned heel, and threw the wildcard game against the Lions.  Now I’m officially on the fuck the Cowboys bandwagon!  I’m so glad they lost against the Packers in part due to the Calvin Johnson rule.  Karma is a bitch.  Nope, that’s not quite right. Karma is a tranny bitch with a 12 inch dick and no vaseline!  Fuck those Cowbitches!

I have two more car note payments on Pussy and then I’m done for the immediate future.  Honestly, I do want a new right with leather seats and the latest doodads and gadgets but I think I’m going to wait awhile.  In the meantime there are some things that I’d like to buy with that money like a gun, laptop, tablet, and a bed.  I’m thinking the laptop or tablet will be first up on my list.  I know I should be saving that money for a rainy day but I’ve been doing without for a minute and I want to splurge on me, myself, and I.

We’re under a winter weather advisory for tonight and part of tomorrow.  Normally I’d be ecstatic but it’s for ice.  Ice!  Whose dick needs to be sucked for some snow?  We’re about way above normal in rain fall but whenever it gets cold we get rain, sleet, and now ice but snow.  Oklahoma had snow.  Even Vegas got snow.  So where the fuck is my snow?!  I don’t expect it to accumulate or even stay around for very long but if it’s going to be cold and wet I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some damn snow.  I’m so sick of rain.  If I could kick a cloud in the balls I would kick a game winning field goal with that cloud’s balls.  I kind of hope all of this ice is hype since I have to walk Cinnamon in that mess.  Rain is bad enough but I’m too old and too big to be slippin’ & slidin’ and fallin’ on my ass in public.  That’s not a cute look.

Normally I’m all for gift cards but over the holidays my love for them has waned a bit.  It was pretty tough either finding something I wanted or buying enough stuff to max out the gift cards I had.  In the future I may just stick with Amazon, Target, gas, & movie gift cards or cards that can be reloaded so I can add to them until I have enough to get something I want.  I hate leaving a balance on any of them because that’s money the companies get to keep but I try to spend every last cent I can on those cards.

I caught up on a lot of movies over the holiday that I didn’t see in theaters.  I still have more to see.  I also finally made my way to a theater.  I went to see The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies 3D.  Can’t wait until a Lords of the Rings/The Hobbit blu-ray box set comes out.  It would also make a nice gift. *hint, hint*

So another dog got loose while I was walking Cinnamon and decided to run up on us.  I swear it was a pit bull.  After managing to keep him and my dog separated for a few minutes the owner finally comes running out after his dog.  Now there is 20+ breeds of dogs that are commonly mistaken for pit bulls but I’d bet my left nut that was a pit bull.  Now unlike many people I don’t think the breed is inherently bloodthirsty and vicious.  My last dog was an AmStaff and made me fall in love with the breed but the community we live in doesn’t allow them.  If they did I’d probably have one myself.  I’m really trying not to be THAT guy but there are way too many people not putting their dogs on leashes or properly supervising them.  That’s one of the reasons I’m seriously considering getting my concealed carry permit and a gun.  Everybody’s dog is friendly until it isn’t.  Vet bills after a dog fight is no joke.  Believe that!