Funky like a monkey

Wasuppers?  It’s been a few weeks since my last post.  Honestly not a whole bunch has been happening around here lately.  I’m in a rut.  My family is fine.  Cinnamon seems to ignore me lately unless I go out, have company, am eating, or playing a game on my phone.  She also wants to sleep with me at night.  I let her nap with me for a little while but kick her out after an hour or two so I can get some real sleep.  Truth of the matter is I really prefer sleeping alone since it’s cooler and I have free use of the entirety of my bed instead of being confined to one area.  My mom is my mom.  She actually sent me a text thanking me for taking her to an appointment this coming Tuesday.  Thing is this text is the first time I’m hearing anything about it.  For real mom? *sigh*  My sister is supposed to be coming down for a visit sometime this summer.  Of course she’s mad at her hot friend again so she probably won’t be coming along.  Given the circumstances I can’t blame my sister for wanting some distance from her but still though…  What about me?!

I’m trying to work on not being so easily annoyed but it’s a struggle since I tend to go with whatever I’m feeling in the moment. It just so happens to be that a lot of times it’s annoyance or anger.  I need to write some of it out and for the rest maybe I need to find a house flipper and join them on demolition day to work out some of my anger.  You’d be surprised at how destroying something can make you feel so much better.  It’s orgasmic.  Okay, that’s really stretching it because nothing feels like a good nut.

I hadn’t even really noticed it but my three year anniversary of moving here has come and passed.  I’m still not confident enough to try to give anyone directions to anywhere around here though.  I can go a few more places and back sans GPS without becoming hopelessly lost but my lack of knowledge with the area still bothers me.  Speaking of my GPS, I think it’s time to upgrade. Recently I got an email notifying me that there was a map update.  Of course when I tried to download it I get a message telling me that there isn’t enough room on the device to download the whole map.  It’s suggested that I delete some things like extra voice, red light camera locations, etc.  Even doing so wouldn’t free up enough space to update it.  So I eventually had to delete everything from my GPS and download a partial map.  Originally, the map I had was of the U.S., Canada, and parts of Mexico now the options given were basically half of the U.S. and either Canada or Mexico or just the U.S.  I ended up just downloading the U.S. map but I’m still disappointed.  My mom chimes in with it’s not like you’re going to Canada or Mexico. It’s the principle though.  I paid for the three countries and I want the three countries.  I’ve been to Canada and I could always go again if I ever go back north to visit Detroit.  Ontario is just south of Detroit.  Mexico is less likely but I want everything I can have.  It’s just my nature.  Hopefully, the next one has expandable memory.

Signed the lease for another year here.  The plan was to only be here for a year while getting the lay of the land and figuring out where I’d want to live for the longer term.  I think this time next year I’ll be somewhere else.  The rent has gone up while the quality of people, amenities, and the property has gone down.  The costs to benefits ratio are no longer in my favor so yeah, maybe I can find a house to rent next year with a fenced in yard for the dog.  All I know is that the longer I’m here the less I like the people and the more they annoy the fuck out of me.  There are a lot of inconsiderate and oblivious people here. I hate moving but I guess there’s one more in the not too distant future.

So Pepsi is bringing back Crystal Pepsi.  Let me be the first to say about damn time Pepsi.  I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on some and stash them in the freezer until they get nice and slushy.  Please don’t fuck around with the formula unless you’re going the pure cane sugar route.  Otherwise, leave it just the way it was.  Before anyone even asks, nope, I’m not sharing.

Might be in the midst of our first heatwave of the year.  It’s supposed to be hotter than a dragon demon’s ass on ghost pepper chili night for the foreseeable future.  Times like this makes me wish the dog could be trusted to walk herself.  I’m really starting to miss autumn.

My new app addictions are Criminal Case (game) and Periscope.  I’m waiting to stumble upon one of those random Raleigh summer street fights I seem to find before posting a video on Periscope or something really weird.  Whichever happens first, I guess.

R.I.P. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes

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