As of last week I’m another year older.  Woohoo!  Yeah, whatever.  I didn’t have any plans for my birthday because I hate Sundays and there really wasn’t anything I could think of that I wanted to do.  I was content with that until people kept asking me what my plans were, making me feel bad that I didn’t have any.  Trust me if I had any I’d let someone know so there’s no need to ask me more than once what my plans are unless you have something planned for me.  Okay?  Good!  My usual thing is to buy a blu-ray (there’s almost always something that comes out the week of my birthday that I want to add to my collection). This year it was Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I also usually go out to eat at one of my favorite places and see a movie.  Well, the last few years there hasn’t been many good first run movies released around my birthday so I decided to pass.  I could’ve went to see The Martian but it’s not a must see for me so I can wait for the blu-ray next year.

I’m glad I was spared watching the Lions lose yet again on my birthday.  They lost the next night. *sigh*  Instead, I ended up being taken out for cupcakes and then afterwards to my favorite pizza place.  She got them to spell out my first initial on the pizza in pepperonis.  I rule!  I also got to scratch something off of my bucket list.  I finally got some moonshine for the first time and I liked it!  It taste great with pink lemonade!  I even gave the dog some of the moonshine infused strawberries that were in it. She liked it.  I tried to preach the deliciousness of rum and root bear but no one was trying to hear me.  *shrugs*  Their loss because it’s da bomb!  I drank and ate until I could eat and drink no more.  All I needed were either a bunch of toddlers or a couple of hot Asian chicks to rub my tummy until I fell asleep.  Maybe next year!

People on social networks make me wish I could poke them in real life…with a sharp stick!  Got my first h.b.d. *eye roll*  I hate people who type h.b.d.!  I mean maybe I could understand it if you were overseas and being charged international data roaming or if you were in a third world country and get charged by the letter but everyone else?  Nope, I just don’t understand it.  Seriously h.b.d. is like the absolute least you can say to person to the point I wonder why even say anything at all?  People who say h.b.d. make me want to Superman punch them in the fucking throat!  As much as I hate that that isn’t even the worst.  I got an invite to like someone’s business page on my birthday from someone that couldn’t be bothered to say happy birthday.  For real?  I actually get cards an emails from businesses wishing me happy birthday.  I fuck with them.  You, not so much.  And there are the people that liked and commented on one of my statuses that day and still didn’t wish me a happy birthday. See, shit like that is why I don’t like people and consider so few people actual 1st or 2nd tier friends.  Even the dog didn’t acknowledge the importance of my day and continued her daily routine of howling at me until I took her out to potty and fed her.  Oh the indignity!  Well, I guess I can forgive her since she’s a dog but still.  *pouts*