I didn’t get to the state fair this year.  I could’ve gone by myself or with my mother but the plan was to go with Val.  Every year we seem to go with family and she wanted it to be just us this year.  Well life happens and it didn’t happen this year.  I will definitely be going next year and I’m going to go on the day and time I want to which will be early in the week and early in the day.  In fact, if my calculations are correct, and they probably are, it will be on the least popular day at the least popular time. I hope to avoid the crowds, which I hate.  I’ll have to find another way to get my honey sticks hook up until then.  Damn, I was looking forward to those damn sticks.  I’ve been told they sell them year round at the farmer’s market.  So I guess I’ll have to google where it is and figure out when I want to go.  I’ve heard that traffic in the area is bad so maybe I’ll just hit up Amazon and buy a bag of them.  *sigh*

My search for a tablet is over.  I ended up getting a Microsoft Surface 3 with a mobile data connection.  Which means that I can take it out and about like my phone and I’m not limited to being on anyone’s wifi network.  I also picked up a stylus pen and keyboard cover, at a discount.  Eventually I’m going to pick up an 128 GB micro SD card and then I think I’m done with accessories for my tablet.  Oh wait, I think I might want a little messenger bag (or murse a.k.a. man purse) to carry it in.  Then I’ll be done.  I was leaning between the Surface 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.  I’d been longing for the Surface 3 longer so I went with my heart.  I’m still getting to know it.

My mom wanted to upgrade her phone and I finally got her to dump sucky ass Sprint!  I’m kind of mad that her phone is newer and better than mine.  She got a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.  I can’t upgrade until June but I’ll probably wait for the new models to come out at the end of summer/beginning of fall.  If I could afford it I’d sport a new phone every four to six months. #PhoneGoals

Next up on my list of purchases is a new bed.  I desperately need a new one as lately my bed seems to become more uncomfortable everyday.  I had a chance to get a new one over the weekend but was hit with a debilitating cheap attack.  LOL. I hope to get a new one by the end of the year or early next year.  I want a bed set but I’m not sure if I want to go with a platform frame (might be too close to the floor for me) or something else.  Some platforms feel like you’re on the floor.  Though even that is actually better than just placing a boxspring and mattress on the floor.  Crawling to get into and out of the bed ain’t a good look.  Maybe I can add a headboard and footboard that is restraints friendly too and call it a day.  Don’t judge me!

Whatever happened to half off Halloween candy on November 1st?  I didn’t see jack shit for Halloween candy.  Oh I saw plenty of Christmas candy.  Seriously why does Christmas stuff keep creeping back every year.  November 1st is pretty bad but I honestly recall seeing Christmas stuff in some places before Halloween.  What’s up with all the Black Friday sales before Thanksgiving as well?  Seriously can we just slow things down and enjoy the fall color, pumpkin spice everything, daylight saving time, football, and Thanksgiving before you grab the back of our heads and make us deepthroat Christmas?!  Fuck!