I didn’t realize it has been so long since my last post.  Well, happy belated New Year, I suppose! So what’s been going on since my last post?  My phone decided to start acting wonky on me a couple of weeks ago.  I didn’t think too much of it until it started happening more frequently. As far as I can surmise there’s a problem with the screen on my phone.  It’ll come on and everything looks well and then the screen becomes unresponsive.  The color literally fades to black and white and then the screen goes dark. You can see some light flicker and bleed around the edges of the screen and here any key presses but you might as well be Stevie Wonder because you can’t see shit.  

I managed to find a forum so the problem is known and not just some fluke or something happening only to me.  Unfortunately, this happened a few months outside of my phone’s warranty.  I have a protection plan on my phone but that’s still $150 I wasn’t expecting to come out of pocket in order to replace my phone.  I was half tempted to get a cheap unlocked phone and call it a day but I need my current phone to be in good working condition to use my early upgrade in June.  Otherwise I’d have to wait until December and use a cheap phone. Me no likey cheap phones. I’m not all that high on LG at the moment because of this defect (but the G5 looks interesting).  I’m just glad the express replacement was fast because I was starting to miss texting and playing games.

My SUV, Pussy, had a good, roughly ten year run but it has come to an end.  In recent months several, possibly very expensive problems popped up.  Inspections were around the corner and I wasn’t liking the chances of me passing.  So instead of putting in more money into maintaining a 10 year old vehicle. I decided to pull the trigger and look into something new.  Almost a week ago I went to a dealership to look at and test drive another vehicle.  It was a long ass day but when everything was said a done I decided to lease a new SUV.  I got most of the gadgets and options I wanted.  What surprised me the most was the color I ended up getting because it was like third on my list.  I wanted Amethyst (purple) but there were none in the entire state.  I’d have to wait at least three days for them to drive it on a truck from Texas.  You know I have the patience of an angry flea, right? My second choice was Iridium (which is sort of a dark grey with purple tones).  I like it but by the time I saw it I had already fallen in love with the color of the vehicle I test drove.  You’re dying to know the color aren’t you?  Drumroll please!  And the color of my 2016 Buick Enclave is… Chocolate with Choccachino interior!  She is sooooooo fucking sexy!  Yeah, I said my SUV is sexy! I’m not sure if I want to spell her name Cocoa Nina or Coco Nina but I’m leaning towards the latter. 


I’m still figuring out how to operate all the gadgets.  I have a little confession to make, even though I’m part polar bear I have to admit that I LOVE the heated steering wheel and heated seats.  Maybe next time I’ll spring for the air conditioned seats as well. Throw in massage as well and you may never get me out of that seat. 

Today I went in to get my all weather mats (why they didn’t have them with my SUV in the first place is beyond me).  My last mats were filthy in part because of all the rain we got last year.  I used to like rain but since moving here I can’t fucking stand it. I have to go back to the dealership next week to look at something that’s loose on the under carriage. After that I have to go back whenever the DMV sends my new plates then hopefully I won’t have to see them again until my first oil change or scheduled maintenance (whichever comes first).  

 I thought about the Buick Cascada for a brief moment. I’ve kind of grown accustomed to the ride of SUVs.  Riding in a car just feels weird to me. Cars are so low to the ground it reminds me of being a kid a “driving” a Big Wheel or a dog scooting its ass across the carpet. It just doesn’t feel right.