Well hello there! Long time no hear from, huh? So what’s been up since I left you last? I started playing Pokemon Go. In some part because of playing it I’ve lost 13 pounds! Woohoo! If where I lived was more walkable and I had someone to play Pokemon Go with I probably would have done better. There aren’t a lot of pokestops or Pokemon gyms that are easily accessible by foot near me. I hear there’s a lot of action downtown and even at NC State. The main deterrent for me is that I don’t currently want to go by myself. I guess I’ll have to get over it eventually to expand my opportunities to catch a better variety of Pokemon and to level up quicker and easier. Val joked that Candy Crush missed me. Shows what she knows because I still play all three different versions of Candy Crush. So there! She won’t download it and play with me even when I pout at her. Poopy head! Anyway there are a lot of haters of Pokemon Go, to them all I have to say is eat a dick up until you hiccup! Of course I mean a shit encrusted, syphilitic one with a creamy HIV+ center!

The itch to updgrade my phone is getting stronger. I’ve been eligible to upgrade it for awhile. I’m debating if I should just keep the phone I have for another four months or pull the trigger on something new and shiny. I like new and shiny. However, if I keep the phone I have for four more months then I’ll own it outright and can upgrade then. The benefit of doing this is that I’d have a backup phone in case anything happens to the new and shiny phone I want. Phones are cool for about a year but after the warranty expires they start acting funny. I always get the insurance but to replace a phone with the insurance still isn’t cheap. With a backup phone you can take your time replacing your daily phone instead of getting bent over and having your pockets raped then and there.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is looking good to me. I’m also a little curious about dipping my toe into iOS and Apple every now and then. Though I don’t think the next iPhone will be much improvement over the current version. Heard next year’s model will be a major upgrade.

Last week was hotter than a babysitter’s pussy in the bathtub. The heat index was over 100° and even at night it was humid and miserable. I can’t believe that I was actually walking the dog, saw that it was in the mid 80s and thought this is kind of pleasant. Seriously, when did I become one of those people?! I hate rain but even I was wishing for it a couple of days last week. I mean outside of the thunderstorms that cause flooding and bring hail. Speaking of hail, my windshield has a ding in it because of some hail from a few weeks ago. It could’ve been a lot worse I know but why did my sweet Coco Nina get hit? I’m almost ready for ice and the threat of an inch of snow shutting everything down. I’m over the heat and the sun. I don’t want a tan!

I don’t know how anyone sat through the Republican National Convention without being paid to. They seemed so angry and full of hate. More power to you if you did but I value my mental health so I passed for the most part. There just seems to be so much anger and hate on social networks today I came close to deleting a couple of accounts. All the negativity was literally making me sick. I’m sure people think they’re being helpful, informative, I can’t even think of the right word but the social justice warriors battling the trolls made me glad I don’t have access to the nuclear launch codes. There seems to be a lot of blatantly willful ignorance online. Even when you try to avoid the usual places like comments for news, Facebook has to tell you that so and so commented on things you’re trying to avoid, someone retweets their “epic” 10 twitterstorm takedown of a troll, or shares a video of yet someone else being brutalized or murdered by the boys in blue.

Donald Trump is an assclown! I believe and hope that if he does win that his VP will pretty much run the country while Trump does whatever the fuck he does. I kind of wish Hillary went with Elizabeth Warren as her running mate. At least pick someone who isns’t so damn bland. I’m getting tired of all these people telling me to vote for their third party candidates. Why don’t these third parties do a better job of fundraising, stumping the polls, and getting out their message in general instead of waiting until election years? I’d love some other choices but this election is too important to throw away on some jabroni no one outside of his/her family can pick out of a police line up or unheard of outside of their home state.

Thank goodness for Pokemon Go, LOL! Outside of Jigglypuff’s bitch ass running away every goddamn time I try to catch it, it’s a great stress reliever.