What up doe? My birthday was Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who texted and hit me up on Facebook to wish me a happy birthday. I usually hate my birthday so much that in recent years I referred to it as suck day but this year and the previous couple of years haven’t been too bad. Dare I say they were ok or even good. Sure I’d like more presents and the type of friend who would get me an XBox One or PS4 but those people are like unicorns. Anyway, I ate way too much, saw a movie, finally caught me a damn Pikachu *does the Cabbage Patch*, and got me some of that birthday sex.

I want a new phone so badly! I’ve been coveting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 since I first read about the specs. Unfortunately, between the battery issues and limited availability with my carrier (unless you’re replacing a problem Note 7 for a new one) I’m about out of what little patience I had. I’m tired of hoping and waiting for something that I apparently can’t have. There isn’t really anything that I’m lusting for nearly as much. I could get an S 7 Edge but I hear the S8 will be out in the first quarter of 2017 so why bother? I seriously considered getting an iPhone 7 Plus but the color and storage size I want isn’t available at the moment and I don’t want to wait for a third choice. Also I’ve heard that the iPhone 8 is supposed to sport some new hardware (about time). If I’m going to jump to a new platform then why not wait and see what they have in store next year, right?  There’s a few others that I’m considering but most of them have newer models in the works early next year.

I was determined not to spend any money on my current phone but I finally had to bite the bullet. My phone has been acting really janky lately. It randomly reboots. Once it reboots it gets stuck in a reboot loop unless I have it plugged into the charger. After doing some research my best guess is that the battery is dangerously close to dying. It could be something else but always try the cheapest solution first when troubleshooting. Anyway, I hit up Amazon and have a replacement batter on the way in a few days. Hopefully, it works because it’s kind of hard to play Pokemon Go tethered to a charger or using the phone in general stuck to a cord.

My micro SD card also decided to flake out on me. It kept randomly mounting and unmounting for a few weeks before I finally decided to look into the cause. Lo and behold, the consensus was that my card was about to die. Fortunately, I backed up most of the pics, gifs, and funny Facebook picture comments I saved to another card. I have yet to replace that 32 gb micro SD card. I want a 128 gb card so I can transfer all of my music library and photos to my phone and still have space leftover for maybe some movies or something. I’m pretty sure there’s a price drop coming sometime between now and Black Friday so I’m in no hurry.

I’m thinking about changing my number again. No particular reason other that I’ve had it for awhile. I got my current number after I moved here almost four and half years ago. This is the longest I’ve kept a number in recent memory. I usually change them out every other year or so. 

The state fair begins next week. I haven’t heard of any decadent treats I want to try so I could skip it but I really want my honey sticks and I’m pretty sure my mom wants her giant turkey legs. Hopefully, I can get a lunch ticket and be out within an hour. I really only go for the food.