Lately I’ve had somewhat of a sweet tooth. Yesterday I hit up the half off Halloween candy sale at Target and restocked my candy stash. Last year I didn’t find too much in terms of sales because it seems like they were stocking up the Christmas candy on November 1st. This year I had some success. I usually keep my candy hidden away in one of my drawers but for the time being I have them in a former cheese balls container. Note to self: I want some cheese balls! I also hit up one of the local grocery chains and bought two gigantic cupcakes. They’re called colossal cupcakes actually. One is called mocha madness and the other is orange cream. As of last night orange cream is resting in peace inside of my tummy. Mocha madness will be joining her sibling within the next 24 hours or so. Mmmmm cupcakes!

I took advantage of early voting last Thursday. The lines were longer than I was expecting. Since my mom was with me, I went ahead and tried out the curbside voting, voting from the comfort of my SUV. It took about an hour to get everything done. Had a good laugh when my mom was handed some election material (to help her choose who to vote for). My mom looked it over and said they lost her when Trump and Pence were at the top of the list. I look at it and saw that it was a list of conservatives and told my mom. Her reply was, “So it’s a list of people NOT to vote for?” Unless you lean to the right then pretty much. LOL. The people watching was nice. Women were in line wearing leggings that were figuratively being eaten by their asses. Beauty Booty like that almost brought a tear to my eye.

I’m glad that the election is in a few days. I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of hearing about Hillary’s emails, Donald’s delusions, and the people who act like Gary Johnson is a viable contender. I’m pissed that the state or federal government gave my email address to Hillary’s campaign. I was getting emails everyday until I blocked them. I feel kind of bad because my mom wanted to go see President Obama was in town a couple of days ago and I told her I didn’t want to go. She said it could be our last chance to see him. I pretty much shrugged and said I doubt it but if it is I still didn’t care. Bernie Sanders was here yesterday and I didn’t want to go see him either. She did but I didn’t. She can drive. If she really wanted to go that bad then no one was stopping her. I have no desire to attend any political rallies. Sorry but being around a bunch of rabid, fanatical, hyperactive white people isn’t my idea of fun and enjoyable. Now if only early voters could be exempt from attack ads, polls, and get out to vote campaigns early.

The new battery for my phone is working fine! Since I have one last payment left on the phone I figure I’ll keep it so I have a backup if and when something happens to my next phone. What that phone will be or when I’ll get it I have no idea. If no sales catch my eyes during the holidays then I’ll just wait until the 2017 models come out.

I really want to go see Doctor Strange this weekend. Might wait until Tuesday when I can see it for $5. I haven’t done a double feature in forever so if anything else is out that I find moderately interesting then a double feature may be an option.