I’ve been team Android since day one and proud of it. For the first time in eight years my daily phone isn’t a Google based phone. I’ve been rocking an iPhone for about a week and decided to jot down some of my thoughts on the adjustments, the good, the bad, and the what the fuck?

Things I miss:

  1. App Drawer. I like to try out lots of apps and having to look at all of them clutter up my home screens just looks messy to me. Folders improve the aesthetic a little but it’s still not ideal for me.
  2. Notification light. Android gives you a persistent flashing colored light on the front of the phone that flashes when you get a notification. Apple does not. Technically, you can set your iPhone to activate the camera flash when you get a notification but it only flashes once and if you’re not looking in your phone’s general direction then it’s pretty useless.
  3. Dedicated back key. This was one of my major turnoffs about iOS in the past. After playing with my phone for the last week it isn’t as bothersome as I thought it would be, for the most part. Navigating back to Safari from an app, vice versa, or some other combinations can be more difficult than it should be but I haven’t wanted to throw my phone yet.
  4. Photos. There doesn’t appear to be native support to play gifs in the photo gallery. I thought I was doing something wrong until I read that you basically needed to use an app or you actually had to send it to someone to see it play. Really? Another thing I miss is that there’s no simple way to hide NSFW pics and videos on the iPhone without an app. There’s a way to do it but basically you have to delete the picture in two or three different places and anyone who knows where to look can still find it.

Things I don’t like:

  1. The default mail app. How do I put it? It’s garbage! I tried it didn’t like it so I downloaded the Google Mail app.
  2. The Google Mail app. It’s straight booty! I should’ve trusted the negative reviews but I didn’t. It’s better than Apple’s mail app but it looks and feels nothing like the native Google Mail app. Yeah, I know it’s iOS but Google made the app so why didn’t they just do a straight port instead to iOS? Seems like they let the 3rd stringers play and they just fucked everything up.
  3. The default keyboard. I gave it a go for about a day or so but it doesn’t feel right. Not really sure how to explain it but it felt wrong and annoying. I downloaded my default keyboard, Swiftkey. I’m a little disappointed that Android¬†has a lot more Swiftkey themes and they apparently don’t transfer over to iOS.
  4. iCloud drive. My iCloud is apparently set up but I can’t get the iCloud drive app to work on my phone or on my laptop. Fortunately, I have four other cloud storage apps but it’s still disappointing when you’re trying to stay mostly in the iOS architecture.
  5. Proprietary cables. It’s not too bad. I got a lightning cable with the phone and another one as a bundle I got with my phone so I haven’t had to spend money on them yet. I will because I want a six foot cable so I can comfortably use my phone at home while it’s charging. I also have to get a new car charger because my current one is for mini USB.
  6. App Store apps costing more than their Google Play counterparts. I paid $8 to replace an app that I bought for half the price on Google Play. They also charged me tax. Google Play rarely charged me tax on purchases.

Things I like:

  1. Battery life. I can go most of the day before having to charge it. With the same amount of use on my last phone I was charging it two or three times a day.
  2. Force touch.
  3. Getting apps and games first. I always hated hearing about having to wait for some cool game to hit Android while it’s been in the App Store for months.
  4. Greater selection of apps.
  5. Call quality. I didn’t talk a lot on my last phone in part because the experience was horrible (dropped calls, garbled calls, etc.). I haven’t made many calls yet but so far they sound a lot better.

I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of the home button that isn’t actually a button button. I keep activating Siri instead of going home or whatever else I’m trying to do. It would be really nice to get that finger press correct, regularly. Sometime over the weekend I plan to download all the pics and stuff that used to be on my last phone to my new phone. I’m somewhat of a master at finding the perfect gif or funny picture to respond to a comment. I miss having them on my phone. I set up Apple Pay but haven’t used it yet. Haven’t FaceTimed anyone yet either. I don’t feel like shaving and making myself pretty so I don’t scare off all the FT freaks I keep hearing about.

I’m not sure I’m ready to wave the team iPhone flag yet but overall I’m enjoying my iPhone. Now I need the hookup on some live wallpapers. Feel free to leave any tips in the comments.