I’m getting the itch to upgrade my phone again. I really don’t want to start making payments on another phone because I finally got my phone bill looking respectable and inoffensive. I’m thinking of going back to Android. I had considered upgraded to an iPhone Xs (even though I know it’s pronounced 10 s, I still want to pronounce it like excess). I can’t see myself being happy with downgrading my storage and paying more or increasing my storage and paying a lot more.  I’ve been lusting over the Galaxy Note 9 and I usually go with whatever tech earns my lust.

I was excited to get my Amazon FireTV Cube but try as I might I couldn’t get it to work. It wouldn’t stay connected to my wireless network. Spoke to Amazon tech support after I left a negative review and they were less than helpful. I jumped through all the hoops they asked me to and it still wouldn’t consistently stay connected to my network. They didn’t want to replace it or refund my money for what was essentially a pretty paperweight. After much arguing I finally got a refund. I still want a media streamer but I don’t think the FireTV Cube is ready for primetime. Now I have my eye on the Nvidia Shield TV for a potential Christmas present.

I got into a car accident last month. The whole experience just sucked. I hate dealing with people, especially strangers, I don’t like repeating myself, and I absolutely hate being interrogated. I didn’t really have any illusion of insurance companies caring about me before but now I am resolute in the fact that they don’t. Question after question trying to figure out who to blame. It got to the point that I started tuning people out. I am in the market for a dash cam though. If I ever get into another accident I want irrefutable video proof that it wasn’t my fault.

My truck was in the shop for almost a month. I missed my baby. The dealership delayed the repairs several time because of hurricane Florence, insurance, and a medical emergency with one of the technicians. It sucks and I’m not trying to be mean but don’t you have other techs? I rented another SUV but it was definitely a downgrade in every way but one. The rental got a lot better mileage than my gas guzzler. I’ve been taking note of it while researching my next lease. Seems like all the SUVs that are similar to mine have about the same crappy mileage. I don’t really want a smaller one but they have better mileage.

Florence came through. I’m sure the meteorologists had to change their pants several times a day because of all the semen they ejaculated calling their disaster porn. Disaster porn is what I call when bad weather comes and they absolutely lose their minds talking about nothing but all the doom and gloom and disaster that’s coming. It was easy to get caught in the hype even for me and that’s saying something because I doubt pretty much everything and everybody. Outside of way too much rain and about a five hour power outage we were relatively unscathed. I honestly didn’t think much was going to happen since no one was sure where the hurricane would actually hit. At one time, it was projected to impact us directly but at the last minute it stayed to the south of me. Where we got screwed is that it ended up being very slow moving and landlocked for a long time so it was rain on top of rain on top of rain for days. We could’ve been better prepared, should’ve been better prepared. Next time I will be.

My sister and her boyfriend came down to visit just before Florence made landfall. I was a little sad that she didn’t bring one of her hot little friends with her. Hopefully, she will next time. Though I guess next time I’ll end up making that long ass drive up north. Anyway, I finally got to do something I’ve wanted to do for awhile now. We had a game night. Apparently, my sister’s boyfriend never played Scrabble before and it showed. I’m also pretty good at Heads Up as long as the subject isn’t about White celebrities or reality TV.

I recently celebrated my birthday. Feel free to wish my a happy belated, send me some naked pics of you, or PayPal me some money. What?! A closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Until next time!